Uganda MDG Conference and Exhibition – Information Update

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The Uganda Millennium Development Goals Conference and Exhibition
2-3 August 2011, Kampala, Uganda
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This event is co-organized by BuildingFutures Worldwide with support from Heart in Action – A Gem of an Idea, Bavubuka Foundation and WOUGNET.

VENUE: Afrique Suites Hotel – Plot 95 Circular Road, Mutungo Hill (See map at the bottom).


The theme for the event “Social Responsibility Activities Facilitating MDGs” BFW is inviting senior government representatives of the business sector, networks of businesses UN officials and globally recognized specialists on Social Responsibilities (SR) and the Millennium Development Goals to share their sight and experience on how SR practices can facilitate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The event will contribute to building partnerships to promote learning and knowledge sharing on SR as leverage to better and faster achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

As a society we have the resources and knowledge to ensure that even the poorest communities, and those held back by disease or geographic isolation or civil strife, can be empowered through SR activities to realize and achieve the MDGs.

Why the Conference and Exhibition?

  1. To promote Social Responsibility (SR) activities as one of the key players in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); highlight the need for more involvement in SR and encourage more companies, institutions and individuals to commit to it.
  2. Build on successes in all eight Millennium Development Goals facilitated by SR activities.
  3. Promote public- private partnerships and encourage more sign ups to the UN Global Compact, an initiative that seeks to foster SR in business practices
  4. Keep the MDGs on the spotlight and ensure every citizen is aware of these goals and our leaders maintain it on the top of their agenda.

Why BuildingFutures Worldwide is doing something?

Education and Leadership

African_Western WomanGirls and women play a crucial role in the preservation of livelihoods, environmental, cultural and societal cohesiveness. When social disintegration takes place in families, communities and countries, women are relied upon to rebuild social relationships and the social fabric of human living through care and nurturing invest their income back into their families, so their success is critical to the ability of their children also to escape poverty, whatever their gender.

Millennium Development Goals

Past progress and present potential are threatened by recurrent problems of bad attitude, persistent poverty, hunger and environmental degradation. Unwavering action is necessary if these challenges are to be met. Girls/ Women can be society’s sustainable solution to reducing poverty and hunger, illiteracy, violence and conflict, inequality, disease, child/ mother deaths, environmental and degradation. Girls and women are vital in the struggle against domestic violence, slowing population growth and accelerating economic development when their perspectives are visible in the policies made and implemented.

Sustainable Development

Mainstreaming gender has not often proved to be an effective way of meaningfully reaching girls and women or addressing their particular needs and priorities. There is still much to be done to ensure all the commitments made to girls and women across the world over the last 25 years are achieved.

Advocacy and Awareness

We are directing greater emphasis and focus on the girl/ woman advancement. Our work centers on identifying, sharing, adopting and setting up sustainable initiatives that expand choices in order to build up full potentials of girls to become dependable citizens. We are relying on the vast resources, knowledge and collaboration work with institutions, corporations, individuals and leaders like you at local, district, national, regional and international levels to present new coalitions against rampant suffering and promote sustainable girl and women’s rights.

For more information and details on how you can participate, please contact;
Mara Bua-Jonhson                                                   Liz Nkongi
Programme Coordinator                                           Programme Director
Email:                     Email:
+256 (0) 718 184 285, +256 779 229 947             +256 (0) 701 484 742, +256 (0) 772 484 742

The Partners


BuildingFutures Worldwide (BFW) is a community based non profit organization set up to reach out to girls and young women who are day by day confronted with conditions of poverty and suffering. We are drawing lessons from diverse experiences to improve the lives and strengthen the competence of girls and young women.

At BuildingFutures Worldwide we believe that there are diverse skills in various settings that we can build up and exploit to improve the lives of girls and young women. With the right support, girls and young women can drive economic growth through innovative creations besides maintaining the food security, population growth and the prosperity of their families.

The future of the advancement of our society greatly depends on the competence and the knowledge imparted onto our girls and young women.

We are working towards creating a global community of role-models by promoting sustainable social responsibilities, the sharing of best practices, experiences and mentorship in order to facilitate girls and young women’s move forward, to a place of security and self dependence.


asita logoGEM Logo

Heart in Action Enterprises “A Gem of An Idea” a goodwill new media social enterprise (HIAE), wholly owned  subsidiary of Asita  Informatica Inc

Our work is based on collaboration and end user security within the secured ICT sector and empowering youth & women globally in developing countries. Heart In Action Enterprises works with several technology companies in North America through its parent company Asita Informatica Inc and is pioneering the push to bring secure multimedia communication solution for end users globally, HIAE’s focus is developing countries.

Heart In Action Enterprises has been supporting many youth & women leaders under the social media platform banner called A Gem of An Idea & youth initiatives under the banner Read My Lips Live CHANGE IS VISIBLE. We have been working since 2004 and supporting many youth & women initiatives globally. Several organizations & youth groups based in Africa are given Multimedia access for social media projects where we develop forums. Learning session, dialogues for many social interactive new media projects & develop innovative content.

Our secondary role is the protection of end users when communities of interest join on our multimedia platform for their initiatives & projects.

A GEM Of An Idea – Mission

Its mandate is to bring together global social entrepreneurs, visionaries & professional leaders in order to take ACTION, collaborate, share knowledge, wisdom, creative ideas and to produce innovative content and dialogues. Resulting partnership efforts will see the creation and production of exciting interactive new media educational content.

Thought provoking ideas take place in a real-time, platform-neutral, safe & secure environment over the Internet. GEM sessions and events unite & connect women and young professional leaders who work towards solving social and environmental challenges with a sustainable & social entrepreneurial approach. GEM is about powerful leaders taking positive action to impact humanity globally in an effective and beneficially meaningful way.

Gender equality – we welcome all consciously ethical people and invite them to be part of our collective vision as our guests, panelists and creative partners & associates.

A Gem Of An Idea – the Live platform is a collaborative project in partnership with several leaders and their organizations. The GEM New Media lounge is supported and provided by Heart In Action Enterprises, a subsidiary of Asita Informatica Inc., and collectively with Absolute ID and several technology organizations.

 Bavubuka Foundation Logo

The Bavubuka Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes connecting youth with music and the arts can transform lives and unify diverse communities. We are dedicated to creating spaces and educational programs that nurture and empower a new generation of young leaders, in Uganda and all of Africa, who will use their voices to communicate positive messages and affect positive change in their communities and the world.

Each Bavubuka project incorporates reconciliation and peace building activities by using transformative art to cultivate personal empowerment within a united communal effort. Bavubuka provides Ugandan youth with the opportunity to gain new skills, bring their own creations to life and develop relationships that connect them to their immediate community, the larger Ugandan struggle, and a global peace building movement. We know that when youth in Uganda are provided with space, given full access to resources, empowered with education and encouraged to express their creativity; they have the zeal, will and power to build a greater community for a stronger Ugandan future.

wougnet logo

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is a non-governmental organisation initiated in May 2000 by several women's organisations in Uganda to develop the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) among women as tools to share information and address issues collectively.

WOUGNET's mission is to promote and support the use of ICTs by women and women organisations in Uganda, so that they can take advantage of the opportunities presented by ICTs in order to effectively address national and local problems of sustainable development. The new ICTs, in particular, email and the Internet facilitate communication with each other and the international community. Indeed, access to information about best practices, appropriate technologies, ideas and problems of other groups working on similar concerns have been identified as critical information and communication needs of women organisations in Africa.

While our emphasis is directed towards Internet technologies, we are also interested in how these technologies can be integrated with traditional means of information exchange and dissemination including radio, video, television and print media.

Our goal is to improve conditions of life for women by enhancing their capacities and opportunities for exchange, collaboration and information sharing.

WOUGNET activities are carried out under three major program areas:

  1. Information Sharing and Networking
  2. Technical Support
  3. Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy

Through the programs above, WOUGNET expects to make a significant contribution to the use of ICTs in Uganda that is in line with the national vision of "a knowledge-based Uganda where national development and good governance are sustainably enhanced and accelerated by timely and secure access to information and efficient application of ICT".

Directions to Afrique Suites Hotel