Storytelling and Social Media Workshop in Masaka: Milton Aineruhanga represents WOUGNET

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The most common question from projects is how to promote your project. How to get people’s attention, connect with them and get supported. When I spoke to Michel about this he replied that also the Be More projects have the same question. So why not work together and invite as well 1%CLUB projects and both Be More projects. Let’s organize a workshop on digital storytelling and social media.

And so happened. 5 1%CLUB projects. 7 Be More projects. 22 participants. During the introduction it became clear that the participants came from all over the place. Of course people from Masaka –were the workshop was held- and Ugandan capital Kampala but also Gulu (northern Uganda), Bukoba (Tanzania) and Kigali (Rwanda). In terms of travelling hours: 10 hours was not an exception.

The 1%CLUB projects that participated:

More on this can be read at:

Story by Niels Jansen on 13/08/2011