The World Starts with Me

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The World Starts with Me (WSWM) is a sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum. It's an interactive computer program seeking to engage young people on the topic of reproductive health in a new way.

WSWM has been produced for young people in the age range of 12-19 year in Uganda. It has been designed to be used in secondary schools and out-of-school facilities such as Telecenters and youth organizations, in a student-facilitator situation. The programme is youth-friendly. It is, however, also friendly to teachers, in the sense that teachers will find all the materials and instructions they need, plus the assistance of peer educators Rose & David, who introduce detailed information on sexuality and sexual health. The first version was made for Ugandan youth and has already been implemented; in 2005, 34 schools will be actively using WSWM. In 2004, WSWM was piloted in Kenya, to be adjusted for Kenyan youth in 2005.

There are fourteen lessons, whose learning objectives, assignments, warming ups, presentations, games, tools, guidelines and stories are all available in a student version and a teacher version. There is a forum for both students and teachers to exchange tips and an online presentation section to upload work that has been made in the programme to the group website.

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