Meet Nyawira Njenga, ICT4D Youth Online Facilitator

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Hi. My name is Nyawira Njenga. I am a Kenyan from Central Kenya.

I have been a WOUGNET volunteer since December 2011 as an ICT4D Youth Online Facilitator. I applied for this role because I am quite efficient in using online tools and I have an interest in the role the ICT Tools play in development and sharing of ideas on various topical issues amongst the youth. I believe women should not be ICT Phobic but should embrace the advances in technology to equip them to enhance their lives. The good news is always that the ability to use most ICT Tools comes with practice and frequent use and does not require a lot of reading complicated theories.
I look forward to facilitating communication amongst Youth and Women through the available ICT tools and sharing experiences across all areas of life to improve our lives.

  • Duncan

    Hi Nyawira, Good work you are doing over thea. Keep up the spirit, a unique approach thea u have.


    • Nyawira

      Hi Duncan,

      Thank you very much.

      You may join our Facebook page called “Ict4d Youth Network” and you are most welcome to contribute to the messages posted and we hope to engage members in interactive discussions soon.

  • Emily Thuo

    Hello Nyawira
    This is a great challenge you are giving other young ladies in the world…to embrace ICT and all the benefits that come with it. This will help to eradicate ignorance and lack of knowledge as it helps in exposing one to alot of information.
    Continue with the great work

    • Nyawira

      Hi Emily,

      Thank you very much.

      Please join our Facebook page ‘Ict4d Youth Network’ in case you have not yet joined.

      We welcome your ideas and suggestions to come up with solutions to our main question: “all women especially young people who have had internet for quite a while, what are some of constructive activities we can engage in online to empower fellow women, share information and even act as the leading ambassadors to take practical solutions that we learn online to women and youth without easy access to the internet?

      Keep sharing.


    Hello Njega, am so grateful for the job, well done. My name is Doreen Akankwasa a student at MUK(Makerere University Kampala) I so much love giving back to the community and I am currently studying a bachelors degree in Records and Archives management. I have studies electronic records management and would love to share with your organisation if given chance. I will be grateful. God be with you.

    • Nyawira

      Hi Doreen. Glad to hear from you and we are looking forward to you joining us.

      You are most welcome to share with the members of ICT4D Youth Network. We have a Facebook page , ICT4D Youth Network and we also have a mailing group that we could include your address so that we share on opportunities and any other information we have and you could do the same too. Which one is more suitable for you right now?

      Please subscribe for the WOUGNET newsletter too.