IICD Releases ICT4D News App on Facebook

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IICD released an ICT4D news app on Facebook. This hub collects news from various social media sources

The facebook app is divided into tiles that all represent different news sources. It is your one stop shop for news about IICD’s work in ICT for development and to know about upcoming events. The app also displays the hottest blog posts from ICT4D practitioners throughout the world via iConnect-online.

The app can be viewed on http://www.facebook.com/iicd.org/app_322731264454864

This app is part of IICD’s larger social media strategy that includes

  • Branding: Strengthening IICD’s reputation and the reputation of ICT for development
  • Engaging: Expanding IICD’s network
  • Funding: Attract the attention of funders
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Increasing the outreach of IICD products

Source: http://www.iicd.org/articles/iicd-releases-ict4d-news-app-on-facebook

Posted by Tara Homeri
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