16 Days of Activism Against GBV

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Sticker-16DaysTreat women and girls with respect, Women are human beings too, respect their rights and treat them with respect in the community, home and work place.

Is your home, work place and community violence free for women and girls? If not why? To participate send messages to 0776532030

  • Charity begins at home. Parents and all family members should be exemplary in respecting each other: Men should love their wives, wives should be submissive to their husbands and children should be loved and in return be obedient. (see Ephesians 5& 6).

  • The family should be exemplary in promoting unity through love and respect for one another then community will appreciate the harmony which accrues from this.

  • Jimmy

    Great work so far and i appreciate what you people are doing. The community should be sensitized and it should be a two way traffic where husbands need to respect and love their wives and wives must respect and submit to their husbands. That’s why in our Company web sited designs and hosting Uganda, http://fox.co.ug, the work policies are clear and respected by every one.

  • Grace

    This is a need for every woman to be protected from GBV! Arise women of Uganda, support activism against GBV and i do commit. Well done WOUGNET for the lead in this.