Taking web 2.0 to another level: Keeping at pace with new applications

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Have you ever heard of Pinterest, Feedly, Scoop.it ?, well, this really sounds new to most people’s ears. Web 2.0 and Social media landscape keeps on evolving and changing. We also try to keep pace with the new amazing tools that are developed each Day.

The fourth Web 2.0 training at WOUGNET started on the 14th and ended today 16th  May 2013 and for the first time in its training program introduced such new applications and tools to its participants. These were all content curation and aggregation tools. The key objectives of the web 2.o and social media training were:

  • To introduce participants to the opportunities that web 2.0 tools and social media offers in the overall context of development
  • To build their skills to be able to apply these new tools to improve their professional as well as their organizational capacity and visibility
  • To enable the trainees to strategically and innovatively use social media in their daily activities


A trainer attends to one of the participants

A trainer attends to one of the participants

By the end of the training, objectives one and two were achieved and participants looked forward to using them in their daily work. Participants were happy with the new social media tools they were introduced to both for the first time and those they already knew.

one of the training sessions at the wougnet resource center

one of the training sessions at the wougnet resource center

The training was enriching and quite informative as participants were introduced to new tools (content aggregation and curation tools) for the first time in the trainings.  This followed the just ended training of trainers (T.O.T) which was conducted by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) sponsored by CTA where trainers were equipped with  more skills and knowledge  which the trainers felt was relevant as a basis to introduce  these tools for the basic understanding of participants as they keep discovering web 2.o tools and its numeorus advantages and opportunities.

The training was conducted by Moses Owiny, Margaret Bulamu and Victoria Mbigidde

Compiled by Margaret Bulamu

  • Thanks for the training it was really too amazing and interesting……….am practicing everything.