How Training in ICT for Entrepreneurship inspired a youth to expand a Small Business

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The story of one, Mr Muniru Iman, who attended a Reach Up training in ICT and entrepreneurship, is one catchy one you can’t afford to miss. Mr. Muniru enrolled for a 25 days training organized by Digital Opportunity Trust in partnership with WOUGNET at the WOUGNET Community Development Through Technology Center (CDTC) and was inspired to expand his own Chapati business.

“Before attending DOT Uganda’s trainings, my heart was not totally into making this business work. I always dreamed of starting a much better and bigger businesses. However, when I attended your classes, I learnt that I had to start with what was within my means. Because of this, I started appreciating what I had, and as time went on, I grew fond of my business. This changed the way I interacted and treated my customers. I also developed a respect for my business in terms of reporting time, and the quality of products that I was selling. In the long run I got new customers,’ he shared.

Mr. Muniru had his business prior to joining ReachUp! Trainings but today, it has expanded from making chapattis only as he also bakes and trades donuts, the popular rolex (composition of a chapatti and fried egg roll) and mandazi.

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Moses Owiny, original article by Mary Nansubuga