WOUGNET: Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity in Uganda (22 – 24 April 2014)

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WOUGNET is organising a web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity scheduled to take place in Kampala on the 22nd -24th April 2014.

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Participants will be introduced to selected web 2.0 applications including social media and will learn how to use them hands-on. The Learning Opportunity will cover advanced online searching, getting information served via alerts and  RSS, collaborating remotely using wikis and Google Docs, using VoIP, and  social networking. Participants will get a chance to see what others have done, get hands-on experience on how to use innovative applications, and assess how they could adopt these innovations within the context of their work and organisation.

The overall objective of the course is to empower development professionals to recognize the potential of Social Media and make innovative use of these tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams, augment the reach of their work and enhance the institutional image of their organizations.


o   Introduction to the participatory World Wide Web (Web 2.0) and social media;

o   Search Magic: How to conduct advanced multilingual online searches;

o   Remote collaboration: How to develop content remotely using wikis and Google Docs;

o   How to communicate voice over the internet at no cost;

o   Online publishing (micro-blogging and blogging);

o   Professional / corporate social networking (LinkedIn and Facebook);

o   Web 2.0 self-instruction (introduction to iMARK).

If you are interested, please call us on 0414-532035/ 0782752198/ 0781426108 or send us an email at: info@wougnet.org or You can also register online to join the Learning Opportunity.

The fee for the 3 Days training is UGX 150,000

  • Excellent ICT for local #ValuingVoices! Great opportunity you’re giving, WOUGNET