WOUGNET and ILO to train Ugandan youth in business skills

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WOUGNET as an ILO partner in Uganda will be conducting business trainings in order to reach out to youth, women and men who are interested in starting businesses or improving existing ones as well as interested in learning how they can grow businesses for sustained income generation and employment.

“Trainings will be held in the months of July – November 2014. Dates and venue of the trainings shall be communicated to selected participants” …. Ms. Goretti Amuriat, WOUGNET Senior Program Officer – Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy.

Ms. Amuriat is one of the facilitators for the WOUGNET/ILO project partnership. Start and Improve Your Business Training (SIYB) is a program developed and being implemented by International Labor Organization (ILO). ILO is a specialized UN agency which seeks to promote social justice and internationally recognized human and labor rights.

Interested youth, women and men are requested to complete the WOUGNET-SIYB Registration Form to be considered for the training. The training as already noted will be conducted from the month of July through to November 2014. Kindly indicate which month you will be available for the training. The SIYP program offers three modules based on the needs of an individual entrepreneur:
         Module 1: Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI)
         Module 2: Start Your Business (SYB)
         Module 3: Improve Your Business (IYB)

The duration of the program is 2 days for the GYBI and IYB modules while the SYB is 4 days. The agenda for each day runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The modular approach to the program enables participants to take only those modules that match their business needs.

The SIYB Program is designed to promote small enterprises and boost employment creation. It is one of the interventions through which ILO  improves the capacity of private sectors partners with a view to facilitate creation of new enterprises, improve profitability of existing ones and subsequently create more decent jobs. The program is delivered through partnerships with partner organizations and individuals who are certified trainers in close supervision with ILO-certified Master Trainers.

Registration Deadline: 27th June 2014

For more information, call  WOUGNET Office land line at 0414532035 or mobile 0702420376

Email:       info@wougnet.org