Empowering women through the web

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With support from the World Wide Web Foundation, WOUGNET carried out a 2-day pilot test on 16th-17th of March 2015 in Kamwokya. The aim was to find out the level of access and usage of technology in empowering women. Random sampling was used to get (19 females and 6 males) 25 respondents from one of the slum areas within a Kampala suburb of Kamwokya.

From the findings it is evident that majority of the people interviewed had some knowledge on internet use; but few were acquainted with the related internet terminologies. 1/3 of the interviewed respondents had experiences on using internet, but were largely challenged by accessibility. It was noted that it is quite expensive, so it cannot be fully utilized. The pilot survey focused on respondents between 20-50 years.

The pilot test was carried out to test the methodology, sample, questionnaire and other issues that might arise under ‘real’ – albeit small-scale – survey conditions. The ‘learning’s’ from the pilot was expected to drive improvements to the survey before going into the field and it was a critical quality-control stage. Things were never quite as was expected and this was the main importance of the pilot, it was assumed to be much more efficient and less costly to uncover errors at that stage than after the full survey. The World Wide Web foundation would then use the research to help governments design policies and programmes that enable women and men to access the internet equally and to use it freely without restriction or harm.

The project team has a training scheduled 6-8th May 2015 to train enumerators. The team is also in the process of finalizing tools, in preparation for the upcoming survey, scheduled May-June 2015.