Strengthening women’s property rights in Northern Uganda

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WOUGNET and Barefoot Law in Uganda has began a new partnership that seeks to strengthen the property rights of rural women in Northern Uganda. Last week, Mr. Johnathan Otim, head – Legal Services at the Barefoot Law Uganda visited communities in Northern Uganda district of Apac to understand their situational context.

The purpose of the visit was to identity contacts persons (nodes), opinion and leaders who will be instrumental in the project implementation.  It was also to identify specific issues related to project theme which requires barefoot law intervention. Area leaders and contact persons were identified in all areas of the project and documented. Specific issues were identified to be integrated in Barefoot Law activities.

The other activity was introducing the project to District Officals and offices visited included: RDCs, CAOs, CDO and all sub county offices like CDO and sub county chief.

Areas of operation visited include:

Akokoro:  Where WOUGNET’s farmer groups in the sub county were originally formed in 2005 and these groups includes Kungu, Awila and Apoi. In  Chegere : The Parishes includes Atigolwak Parish, Adem and Ongic parish.


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