WOUGNET hosts DOT’s ReachUp! Program

Digital opportunity trust is a Canadian international NGO supporting a global network of  DOT organisations leading economic and education change in countries through out Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

ReachUp! is DOT’s foundation economic program. This program trains university graduates, called DOT interns, to deliver technology, business, and workforce readiness skills training in communities that are developing, under stress, or in transition.

IMG_0239Our Interns act as trainers, mentors, and coaches in their communities, and link program participants to microfinance and business development opportunities.

The ReachUp! curriculum is a comprehensive, 120-hour course that helps participants with little to no knowledge of how to use technology to learn basic technology and business skills, and to gain the self-esteem, confidence, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to build sustainable livelihoods.

The modules cover: identifying your strengths, skills and passions, envisioning your future, setting goals, planning a sustainable livelihood, computer basics, uncovering opportunities around you, business planning, marketing, budgeting, record-keeping, creating action plans, and more.

The participants are generally from vulnerable populations, are un- or under-employed, and have minimal knowledge of technology, business, and the opportunities and resources availableIMG_0257 to them. The ReachUp! program provides these participants with tools and training that helps to advance their economic status and build successful, sustainable livelihoods.

WOUGNET has made the Community Development through Technology Centre (CDTCIMG_0260) available to host one of the ReachUp! Programs in Uganda for the period April 2013 – February 2014. We are currently hosting 2 DOT interns (Ms. Mary Mirembe and Ms. Fiona Amwola) conducting 2 parallel classes with 18 participants per class as limited by the space in the training centre. The training sessions, supervised by the Senior Program Officer for Technical Support at WOUGNET, have been so popular in the community, to the extent that while at initiation, there was supposed to be 1 class running at a time, we had to make provision for a parallel class and there is already a long waiting list for the next two classes.

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