A list of WOUGNET projects and partnerships with their own websites.

1. Kubere Information Centre:

Kubere Information Centre (KIC) is a multi-dimensional information centre offering development-oriented information, with an emphasis on agricultural and rural development information.

The KIC was originally established under the project “Enhancing Access to Agricultural Information using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)” whose primary target is rural women farmers in Apac District. It now serves as the base for WOUGNET project activities in 5 more districts of Amuru, Gulu, Kole, Lira and Oyam.

2. Empowering local communities to monitor service delivery at the district level:

A society in which people are not informed about government functions and systems creates an environment in which corruption and poor service delivery can thrive. However, with the generous support of SPIDER, WOUGNET is empowering communities in Northern Uganda to use ICTs to improve access to public services, to increase efficiency, transparency and accountability of government processes, as well as as empower citizens to participate in their own governance.

Among the tools being applied are community radio, mobile phones and the Internet through platforms such as Ushahidi. WOUGNET will be using the Ushahidi crowdsourcing platform as a key means of highlighting the levels of service delivery in five districts of Apac, Kole, Oyam, Amuru and Gulu all located in Northern Uganda.

In particular, the project targets women, through their community based organizations and women groups, who will be supported to be able to monitor service delivery in their districts and to fight corruption through exposure of the state of service delivery.

Through the initiatives of WOUGNET and partners, the population will be made aware of the expected services within their communities that they should take advantage in order to improve their livelihoods and for poverty reduction ­ and hence aware and empowered on the need to have good governance and service delivery within their communities.

3. People’s Voices: Developing Cross Media Services to Promote Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance Activities

This project is a partnership between – WOUGNET,Linnaeus University, CeLeKT and Makerere University with Support from SPIDER.

We expect that the outcomes of this proposed project will be used in unique ways to provide opportunities to make governmental services more innovative, transparent and cost-effective as well as to encourage citizens to become more engaged and goal-focused for the common good of their society. The ICT infrastructure available in the communities i.e phones, TVs, community radios and internet could be used in new ways to facilitate reporting of cases of bad governance and poor service delivery.