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WOUGNET is managed by the Coordinator who sits at the Secretariat in Kampala. The WOUGNET Secretariat  is the Head Office of the Organisation. The overall management of day to day work of the Secretariat is done by the Coordinator assisted by Program Managers.

The following Positions constitute the Management Team

  • The Coordinator
  • The Program Manager, Information Sharing and Networking
  • The Program Manager, Technical Support
  • The Program Manager, Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy
Upcoming Events
The Annual Members Meeting
From: 07-Jun-2018 to: 07-May-2018 Book this event

ICT training and GPS mapping
From: 07-Jun-2018 to: 14-Jun-2018 Book this event

Gender Mainstreaming capacity building
From: 29-May-2018 to: 09-Jun-2018 Book this event

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