Organisation Mission Contact
Action For Development (ACFODE) ACFODE’s Vision:
A just society where there is gender equality of opportunities in all spheres including decision-making and equal access to resources in a secure and enabling environment.ACFODE’s Mission:
To promote women’s empowerment, gender equality and equity in Uganda through spearheading advocacy and networking efforts to create an enabling environment as well as increasing the capacities of women in local communities to manage their own activities in addition to standing up for their rights.
P.O. Box 16729, Kampala, Uganda
Akina Mama wa Afrika-Uganda (AMwA-U) Akina Mama wa Afrika was founded to create space for African women to organise autonomously, identify issues of concern to them and speak for themselves. AMwA aims to provide solidarity, support, awareness, and to build links with African women active in the areas of their own development. Vivian – +256752958637256-41-4543681/3
P.O. Box 24130, Kampala, Uganda
Council for Economic Empowerment for Women in Africa – Uganda (CEEWA-UGANDA)  To promote the economic empowerment of women in the development process through advocacy, training, research, documentation and information dissemination.  256-41-269477/269507
P.O. Box 9063, Kampala, Uganda
 Disabled Women in Development (DIWODE-Uganda) To promote self help initiatives by providing training and micro-credit facilities to the marginalized groups especially women with disabilities, women living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and the destitute for them to have self sustainability and live a meaningful life.DIWODE’s objectives are to:
* Provide training to children and adults by imparting practical skills such as handicraft, tailoring, etc.
* Promote development programmes by setting up commercial economic projects like poultry farming, pig rearing, etc., for increasing and broadening the income margin of DIWODE members
* Mobilise disabled women, widows and women living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and destitutes to unite and promote the spirit of brother and sisterhood thereby identifying and initiating self-income generating activities amongst themselves
* Promote health programmes especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS among the targeted groups through massive sensitisation and care.
Zawedde – +256752399149256-71-2736839 / 78-2658117 / 77-2357921
P.O. Box 72097, Kampala, Uganda, hzawedde
 Eastern African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women (EASSI) To facilitate linkage, collaboration, networking and information sharing between the different actors and stakeholders in the Fourth World Conference on Women (FWCW) issues in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the African and Global Platforms for Action within the Eastern Africa sub-region.  256-414-285163
P.O. Box 24965, Kampala, Uganda
 Forum for African Women Educationalists – Uganda (FAWEU) FAWEU exists to enhance girls’ and women’s education and to enable them achieve their full potential for development. 256-41-258725/236863 or 256-77-487299
P.O. Box 24117, Kampala, Uganda
 Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) To promote gender equality in all decision-making through advocacy, training research and publishing. 256-41-4286063/+256789653297
P.O. Box 7176, Kampala, Uganda
 Gabula Atudde Women Group Working towards formation of a data base & knowledge centre through Information Collecting, Recording and sharing using ICTs for sustainable development of the low income communities. +256-41-372751 (Office), +256-78-2306423, +256774064229
P.O. Box 324, Mukono, Uganda
 Grassroots Women Association For Development (GWAD) GWAD is to promote and build capacity of grassroots women to be able to respond to the needs of their families, communities, in order to improve the living conditions of the people in the area of operation. 256-(0)772-591702/0772-616551
P.O. Box 377, Gulu, Uganda
 Hope After Rape (HAR) To empower children, women and communities to prevent sexual and other forms of abuse and facilitate the rehabilitation of the survivors through advocacy, training and psycho-social supportHAR’s objectives are to:* Provide support to survivors of sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence
* Raise awareness of government, NGOs and communities about psychological effects of sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence
* Initiate communication and collaboration with other organisations involved n work with survivors of sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence
* Conduct researchg, documentation and dissemination of information about sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence
* Provide relevant training programmes as regards the psychological aspect of sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence.
256-41-540777 / 77-527848
P.O. Box 7621, Kampala
Hope Foundation (HOPEFOD) To comfort, encourage, rehabilitate, educate and develop the disadvantaged young women and children. 256-77-2364994
P.O. Box 5408, Kampala, Uganda
 Ibanda Catholic Women’s Guild (ICWOGU) To improve the quality of life among Catholic Women in Ibanda County through participating in income generating projects and promoting leadership activities.ICWOGU’s vision is of Catholic Women in Ibanda county effectively participating in social, religious, economic, and political transformation for sustainable development. The organization was formed to meet the following objectives:* To mobilize guide and support members in promotion of their social-economic status of their well being.
* To mobilize and participate in environment issues in order to improve the quality of environment.
* To assist HIV/AIDS orphans and victims to accept and learn to live with AIDS and improve their living conditions.
* To provide suitable and reliable mechanism where by the members can access and benefit from their pool savings.
* To provide soft loans to the members in need of them upon manageable credit terms and conditions.
* In liaison with government, local government or other association, to design or implement activities that are for the time being necessary and expedient for enhancing environmental protection and conservation.
* To borrow, solicit for, or to in any lawful manner get or attain loans, grants and donations in cash or in kind for the purpose of raising the aims and objectives enshrined herein above.
 256-77-513045 / 77-699175
P.O. Box 43, Ibanda, Uganda
Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE) Isis-WICCE’s mission is to promote justice and empowerment of women through investigating and documenting women’s realities and facilitating the exchange of skills and information to strengthen women’s capacities, potential and visibility.The organization’s overall goal is to create a vanguard of women with the capacity to participate in processes that influence redress, and policies on women’s human rights, peace and human security. 256-41-4543953
P.O.Box 4934, Kampala, Uganda
Joint Women’s Restoration and Welfare – Uganda (JOWORWU) To uplift the standard of living with in the rural folk of Apac by introducing income generating activities with much emphasis on women and youth. 256-(0)78-483751
P.O. Box 171, Apac, Uganda
 Kabaawo Mutundwe Cooperative Savings and Credit Society (KMSCS) To provide affordable and sustainable Financial services to individuals and organised groups  0783015010 / 0712936131 / 0755596415
 Kabale Women’s Guidance and Counselling Services (KWGCS)  Empowering Women and Girls Psychologically, Socially and Economically through instilling Confidence, self-esteem and self-confidence for personal Development.  256-77-885636
P.O. Box 339, Kabale, Uganda
Kabarole Integrated Women’s Effort in Development (KIWED) A well-equipped and knowledgeable society on human rights for equal participation in Development of Kabarole District and gradually Nation at large. 256-(0)772-590183
P.O. Box 583, Fort Portal
Kabowa Women’s Cooperative Society (KAWOCOS) To improve the standards of living of women members, through setting up income generating activities, to uplift social and economic status of women members and their families. 256-71-832716
P.O. Box 23018, Kampala.
Kassanda Development Initiative (KADI) Empowerment of rural women and youth in development. Facilitate social-economical development. 256-77-593219/+256752485162
P.O. Box 296, Mityana, Uganda
 Kyabuhangwa Women in Development (KWID) To empower women address hindrances to their advancement.  256-77-428430
P.O. Box 894, Kabale, Uganda
Kyerima Mbirontono Women’s Group (KMWG) To create improved and permanent sources of income for our families through improved farming methods. 256-77-662968
C/O Kyakulumbye Development Association (KDF) P.O. Box 489, KAMPALA.
Law and Advocacy for Women in Uganda (LAW-U) Work for reform of laws and practices that discriminate against women. 256-41-235445
P. O. Box 25324, Kampala, Uganda
Lungujja Women’s Association (L.W.A) To uplift the status of women members in entreprenuerial and home management skills 256 – 77 – 378970, Mary Luyonde / 77 – 825057, Florence Kaddu
P.O. Box 16703, Wandegeya, Uganda
Luwero Women’s Development Association (LUWODA) ABOUT USLuwero Women’s Development Association ( LUWODA) was formed in 1999 by a group of women leaders in the district  to promote peaceful co- existence where community members are equally empowered through promotion and protection of their rights for sustainable development.   The mandate of the group is  therefore to contribute to  the achievement of  Sustainable Development  Goal 5 which calls for Gender Equality. 256-(0)77-462038/256-(0)77-320857
P.O. Box 276, Luwero
Mahaanga Kelema Iyeta Farmers Association (MKIFA) To empower women to improve their household incomes through agriculture 256-75-809932
P.O. Box 902, Mbale
 Mbuya Kwaggalana Charity Group To empower women to improve their standards of living through training in life skills that will make them self reliant and also train members of the local community to improve their standards of living and alleviate poverty. 256-71-2250590
c/o Jolly Twahiirwa, P.O. Box 7085, Kampala, Uganda
Mpigi Widows Entreprenuers Association (MWEA) To create provision of innovative and result-driven enhanced services for widows and to create advocacy and capacity building on all the small, medium and big business and health programmes being carried out in Mpigi. 256-77-665878 / 256-71-726227
P.O. Box 193 / 108, Mpigi
Mukono Women’s AIDS Task Force (MWATF) To strengthen the capacity of women at grassroots and national level to influence the shape of economic policy for women. 256-41-4290606, 256-77-2903949
P.O. Box 201, Mukono, Uganda
Mulago Women in Development (MUWOD) To develop and promote the social, economical, political, technological and environmental welfare of women to bring about equitable sustainable development.MUWOD’s objectives and aims:* To design and implement programmes aimed at supporting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA), women, disabled, elderly guardians, youth and the general community.
* To fight diseases like malaria, cholera, HIV/AIDS and their effects.
* To seek for technical co-operation and credit facilities for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of income generating projects.
* To promote community literacy skills and techniques through text and tasks.
* To network and collaborate with development organisations and institutions /Government on a whole range of activities to stimulate national development.
* To establish a management structure which will ensure that MUWOD and its activities are sustainable.
P.O. Box 7714, Kampala
Nakaseke Women’s Development Association (NAWODA) Nakaseke Women’s Development Association is targeting Women, Orphans, Youths and the Disabled, to provide them with information, training and integrating the use of ICTs in their political, social and economic aspects of life, all for development. This will reverse the current trend of unequal gender access to new technologies.This among others has addressed the shortage of Rural-African Women resources in new technologies and empower women and target groups with resources that can produce high-income employment and provide entreprenuerial opportunities. NAWODA focuses at the vision of a rural women information society, where all rural women, orphans, youths and the disabled, without distinction of any kind, exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression, including the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, recieve and impart inforation and ideas through newe technologies and regardless of the frontiers.”When women are fully involved and empowered, the benefits can be seen immedialtely: families become healthier; they are better fed; their income increases, savings and reinstment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and eventually of a whole country”Women digital technologies can enhance the role of enterprises in promoting entrepreneurship, the accumulation of knowledge, the upgrading of skills, and thereby increasing productivity, incomes and jobs and promoting qualitative improvement of rural women lives. 256-41-620501 / 256-77-2858169 or 77-2479495
P.O. Box 1012, Nakaseke, Uganda
Namasuba Kikajjo Women’s Development Association (NAKIWDA) To uplift the social and economic status of women members. 256-71-801717 / 408059
P.O. Box 6797, Kampala, Uganda
 National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU) To promote the growth of a strong women’s movement in Uganda that claims the rights of women and enhances their social economic status. 256-41-258463/257730
P.O Box 1663, Kampala, Uganda
 National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda (NACWOLA) To improve the quality of life of Women Living with HIV/AIDS and their families. +256-41-4510528
P.O. Box 70574, Kampala
 National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) To facilitate unity, self esteem and advancement of women with disabilities through advocacy, access to resources, education skills, development and functional adult literacy. 256-(0)41-285240, +256-(0)-700302401
P.O. Box 24891, Kampala, Uganda
 Northern Uganda Women Communicators Organization (NUWCO) To increase awareness of the impact of the conflict in northern Uganda on children, women and households, and advocate for responsive public policies and action for transformation and sustainable development.  256-77-2466335
P.O. Box 1061, Gulu, Uganda
 Ntulume Village Women’s Development Ass.(NVIWODA) NVIWODA envisions a knowledgeable community of women, trained, equipped with entrepreneurial skills and capable of influencing and making decisions.
NVIWODA’s mission is:
To increase the income of women members, through provision of entrepreneurship, technological skills training, and development.
Micro-Credit support and information sharing, so that they are able to play, an effective role for sustainable development.
P.O Box 10074, Kampala, Uganda
 Orwenyeny Women Development Group (OWDG) Mission:
To engage in sustainable development for the advancement of women’s
rights and socio economic activities in Ngora county through programs of agriculture, environment, education, and health
 +256 782644835
P. O. Box 121, Ngora – Kumi, Uganda
 Pan African Women’s Liberation Organization Increased participation of women in the Pan African Congresses, while putting gender issues at the center of the Pan African Movement Agenda, and continuously assessing progress made towards achieving resolutions of the CongressesThe Coordinator  +256-41-530525/ 256-785818149
P. O. Box 24590, Kampala, Uganda, Plot 21 Suwara Road,NaguruPAWLO on Facebook: African Women’s Liberation Organization (Pawlo)
 Positive Women Leaders of Uganda (POWL-U) POWL exists to empower positive professional women to cope with the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS in the workplace, family and the community.  +256 41 370862 / +256 77 2503881 / +256 77 2451600
P.O. Box 4485, Kampala, Uganda
 Reach Out to the Wives of the Soldiers (ROWOSA)  To build the capacity of wives of the soldiers and improve on their family life and status, and capable of participating in social, cultural, economic and political governance and development.  256-(0)772-635604/0772-532041
P.O. Box 314,Bombo
 Rugando Women in Development (RUWOD) To improve the income of members through adopting modern methods of agriculture that led to higher out put for economic gain.  256-77-326668
P.O. Box 57 Karuhinda, Kanungu
 RURAMA WOMEN’S SOCIETY (RWS) To empower rural women with economic activities through use of environment conservation to eliminate poverty and make women independent.  256-77-801118
P.O. Box 769 Fortportal, Uganda
 Safe Motherhood Initiative in Uganda (SMIU)  To promote, protect and support women’s reproductive rights 256-41-530500
P.O. Box 1191, Kampala, Uganda
 Slum Aid Project (SAP)  To address problems of women and children in the slum areas. 256-41-532769
P.O. Box 10388, Kampala, Uganda
 St. Bruno Doll Making Group (SBDMG)  To have a group of women involved in practical work, to improve their standards of living. St. Bruno aims at encouraging women to get involved in fulltime work and to create women entreprenuers to enable women to create rather than seek for jobs.  256-75-627985/650669
P.O. Box 23280, Kampala
 The Association of Uganda Women Lawyers – FIDA (U)  To assist women, children and other indigent groups attain effective legal protection.  256-41-530848
P. O. Box 2157, Kampala, Uganda
 The Mifumi Project Mifumi was established as an indigenous organization born out of the Mifumi community effort to work with the people living in rural areas to reduce the burden of poverty.
The Mifumi Project is a registered NGO whose objectives are to support the community through development projects including education, healthcare promotion and income generating schemes in Mifumi, in Eastern Uganda. Our goal is to help the people of Mifumi to help themselves. The Mifumi Project works in partnership with PROMPT UK, it’s sister organisation that supports fundraising and development.
 P.O. Box 274, Tororo, Uganda
 Tusubira Women’s Group (TUWOGRO) To be responsible, self reliant and developmental women in our homes and society at large. 256-772-483575/256-752-300462/256702483579
P.O. Box 41, Kamuli, Uganda
 UGANDA CHURCH WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (UCWDC) To develop Church women spiritually and socially through:evangelism and Bible study, prayer, education and social services, leadership development, agriculture, business management, environment management, micro finance, information, communication and technology, health, HIV/AIDS Counseling, research and consultancy services, girl-child eduction and career guidance, trainig of trainers, promoting peace and justice, caring for needy aged women in the surrounding community, and networking.  256-75-621873
P.O. Box 1130 Jinja, Uganda
 Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA)  Provide a forum for media women to promote rights and freedoms of the marginalised in society through capacity building, sharing and dissemination of information for sustainable development.  256-41-543996 / 256-77-469363
P.O. Box 7263, Kampala, Uganda
 Uganda Muslim Women Vision (UMWV)  To promote and defend the interests of and to improve the living conditions of Muslim women, youth and children, through provision of services geared towards enhancement of a sustainable livelihood, with strong collaboration with other partners.  +256772444198,+256772611363,+256712817245P.O. Box 1211, Kampala, Ugandahttp//
 Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL) “Promote Women Business Owners, to Create Wealth”
Build a cohesive organization of sensitized businesswomen that work to bring about economic change in Uganda. UWEAL will continue to build up capacity and train women to run sustainable enterprises in different parts of Uganda.
P.O. Box 10002, Kampala, Uganda
 Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA)  To provide forum for MPs to discuss, share, experience and support activities that would enhance women’s participation, effective representation and leadership in political, economic and social activities in (Parliament)Uganda.  256-(0)41-234340
P.O. Box 7178, Parliamentary Buildings, Kampala
 Uganda Women Writers Association (FEMRITE) To promote women’s writings as a means of breaking through the literary recess and be able to include the literature generated from communities as a basis for functional literacy programmes.  256-41-543943 / 256-77-2743943
P.O. Box 705, Kampala, Uganda
 Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) To improve the quality of life of needy orphans empowering the local communities to meet the social, moral and economic needs of these children in a sustainable manner. 256-41-532394/5
P.O. Box 8419, Kampala, Uganda
Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) UWONET’s main mission is to promote networking and attain collective vision and action among different actors working towards development and the transformation of the unequal gender relations in society.  256-41-4286539
P.O. Box 27991, Kampala, Uganda
 Kabale women in development (KWID) Empowering women and other vulnerable persons to address hindrances to their advancement through advocacy, networking and capacity building- To economically empower vulnerable persons to enable them provide for their basic needs and be able to engage effectively in social-economic and political affairs.-Increased access to service delivery in the area of girl child education and maternal health-To improve the quality of children in Rukiga County.-Empower community members to prevent gender based violence-To increase awareness and activism of community members to enhance their capacity to effectively engage with duty bearers for social accountability and increased responsiveness

-To prevent HIV transmission through community sensitization and referral

-Expanded space for learning and sharing information and resources with like minded institutions and persons

-Strengthened capacity of the organization to effectively and efficiently deliver on organizational mandate.

Economic empowerment, women and girls empowerment, child wellbeing, Communities advancing HIV prevention.

Plot 110, Mbarara Road, Kabale Town, Field office located in Kankiro village, Kyabuhangwa Parish Kamwezi sub-county Kabale District

TEL: 0772428430/0758670041


Women of Uganda (WOU) is a local organization that is dedicated to promoting and advancing justice, tolerance and human rights in Uganda. It was registered with the NGO board in January 2013, it is non-partisan and non-profit.   Women of Uganda is firmly placed in the private sector to assist and provide necessary support and guidance to women entrepreneurs and to advocate for favorable policies through which women entrepreneurs can flourish. The organization has a primary focus on members of the grassroots communities and further encompasses the diverse community as a whole.
Women have the capacity to organize, to work together as a team and to provide leadership. They have the capacity to adapt to new situations to the point of creating support groups for each other.
Women of Uganda has also come out to provide organizational development expertise and concrete tools to strengthen local communities and societies to effectively advocate and deal with dynamic social challenges in the different communities in Uganda.
We work with local communities and also in partnership with both public and private sector entities.
 Hajat Hariimah NantongoChief Executive Officer
Mob: +256 772 589 301
Organizational Email -:
Contact address
Kibuli Depo, Makindye- Kampala
P.O.Box 4842, Kampala-Uganda
Tell: 0200905803
Mob: 256702589301Facebook page: Women of Uganda
 Hope Case Foundation [HCF]   Hope Case Foundation [HCF]   is a non governmental organization founded in 1997 by a group of  Christian Women in Uganda as response to  Women and  girl Child rights abuse that had caused untold suffering to Women and  Girls  in the Eastern District of Iganga. Hope Case Foundation started as a small Community Based Organization then operating in Namungalwe  Sub County in Iganga District , the organization has  now grown into a formidable organization now operating in the three districts of Iganga , Busia and Mayuge with its head office located in Busia Municipal Council , Busia District in Uganda.

 Hope Case Foundation is registered as a non governmental organization with the national board for non governmental organization s under the ministry of internal affairs in Uganda with registration number –S.5914/4533.

 Name of Contact person: Ojiambo James.

Postal   address  of the organization: P.O.BOX 364,Busia, Uganda.

Physical address of the organization: Okwenje road opposite Busia Secondary Play grounds , Busia Municipal Council , Busia District ,Uganda.

Telephone Number: +256774900557/+256772327340.

Email address:

 Katosi Women Development Trust The main objective of KWDT is to empower women to engage in social economic development processes that contribute to the improvement  of the women’s lives.  Tel: +256 414 348 774Mobile: +256 772 748 774



P.O. Box 33292 Kampala Uganda

Address: plot 902-off Kalema Road – Makamba Zone – Lungujja Kikandwa

 Uganda Muslim Women Association for Daawa and Development (UMWADD) We teach women Religious promotion programs, education on poverty eradication, health programs, modern agricultural farming, poultry farming, animal rearing, General development in human resource services.

We advocate for women and children rights, organize seminars, workshops, debates, talk shows amongst women concerning different themes. We have monthly programmes which rotate throughout the country. We have been engaged in modern farming advocacy programmes among our members countrywide as most of our members are farmers.


 The General Secretary

Hajat Faridah Kakaire –

Offices, Sunrise Arcade 1st Floor Room 202B

Ntinda off Kisaasi Road.


P.O. Box 29811, Kampala, Uganda.

Mobile:   +256 752 619591 / 0785 992736 / +256 701 882158