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My experience from the 2017 African School on Internet Governance

I was lucky to be part of the participants in the African school of internet governance 2017. The orientation was of high academic knowledge and sharing/learning where I was able to interact with dif…Comment

Relating the Feminist Principles of the Internet to Women’s Rights Online

On 26 th October 2017, WOUGNET hosted a half day National Local Level Conversation using the Feminist Principles of the Internet (FPIs). The second of its kind since the inception of a UNFGE funded …Comment

Life-changing skills that never left women the same again

As we go on to celebrate the Month of the Woman Entrepreneur (MoWE), WOUGNET celebrates the success and achievements of her women under the Socio-Economic Program.  Awino is a young lady wh…Comment

The Accelerating Rates of Teenage Pregnancies in Uganda

On July 5 th 2017, Spring Board Uganda and Uganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescent Health (UYAFPAH) organized a half day learning event with various civil society organizations, reli…Comment

Press conference on the Month of the Woman Entrepreneur (MOWE) 2017

The Month of the Woman Entrepreneur (MOWE) is a global event and in Uganda is celebrated in the month of November annually since 2006 when it was introduced by the International Labor Organization-Wo…Comment
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