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Promoting effective use of ICTs for citizen engagement with leaders in Eastern Uganda

Promoting effective use of ICTs for citizen engagement with leaders in Eastern Uganda

Project title: Promoting effective use of ICTs for citizen engagement with leaders to improve Accountability and Transparency in Public Service delivery in Eastern Uganda

Funder: ICT4Democracy in East Africa from Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA)

Project summary

WOUGNET’s proposed intervention employs ICTs as a medium for gathering and disseminating information within the implementation and the wider public. The use of ICTs especially access to internet is core for the marginalised. WOUGNET works with Voluntary Social Accountability Committees (VSACs) which comprises of 12 members formed in each parish working with all the recognized and relevant local community leaders. For instance, the HIV group raised lack of drugs in only one subcounty of Sikuda (Busia); the PWDs in Rubongi subcounty (Tororo) were the only visible VSACs in raising issues of disability. The women had nothing in particular for themselves; although WOUGNET philosophy advocates for at least 70% women inclusion in the project activities. The laxity of these groups never realised any significant positive outcomes from the project intervention aspect to their cause. We continue to empower the marginalised through awareness creation and produce news prints that particularly guide their advocacy with this intervention.

The project objectives are;

  • The capacity (access, skills and knowledge) of civic groups (women groups, PWDs, PLWAs, etc); Voluntary Social Accountability Committees (VSACs); and the media (Community Radio stations) to use ICT effectively for accessing and sharing information, advocating and raising awareness on service delivery, equality, the right to information and free speech grown.
  •  Transparency and accountability Through interactive citizens and leaders’ engagements Using a mix of ICT tools and traditional media fostered.
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