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November 2022: How to enable internet access - Proxies

The internet is one of the driving forces in all our surroundings and most especially the office environment. While doing our daily activities outside the office at times we come back and the internet is not working how it should work from the office. It shows it's connected but there is no internet access.

This mostly is caused by two things basically when you connect your computer to the internet at a different location let’s say a hotel where there was a conference or meeting.

There are two main culprits for the cause of a computer to connect and not access the internet and they include the following

  1. Proxy Settings are set manually
  2. An IP address is acquired automatically.

When the computer's proxy settings are turned on it means that the computer when connected to the network will detect and capture the information on the network proxy being broadcasted and saves it there in the computer's network proxy settings.

Below are steps on how to disable the proxy settings to enable you to be able to access the internet freely.

Step 1

Select the network settings from the taskbar

Step 2

While there right click on the WiFi icon and select network settings to open the network settings menu.

Step 3

Scroll on the network section until you find proxy settings


Step 4

Select the proxy options to reveal the proxy settings inside


Step 5

You can choose to turn off the automatically detect settings

Otherwise, you can select the use setup script setup and turn it off.


Or you can select the manual proxy settings and turn it off


Once all these are achieved you can go ahead and access the internet from your computer.

Check out part II for how to remove static IP addresses and note the above instruction is based on Windows 11 build. The process is quite the same for without 10 while for windows 7 and 8 you can always adjust from the proxy settings of internet explorer.

Compiled by the Technical Support Department

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