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WOUGNET is a National Network of Women Organisations in Uganda with over 75 membership spread over in both urban and rural areas. Our Governance structure consists of the following:

1. The Members

Our membership and strategic priorities are shaped through member meetings. Each year, we hold an Annual Members Meeting (AMM) to take stock of the work done in the previous year. The AMM takes place in February every year. Through this meeting, we are able to plan, learn from our previous experiences, strategize and plan for next steps.

2. The Board

The WOUGNET Board is the Governance council of the organisation. The Board is composed of seven Members with the Coordinator serving as the Ex-Officio Member. The Board is repsonsible for the supervision of the WOUGNET Management.

The Board is composed of highly qualified and diversed skills and competencies.

3. The Management

The Management is composed of the WOUGNET Coordinator, the Chief Executive of the Organisation, the WOUGNET Program Managers. Its structured as follows:

i)  The Coordinator

ii)  The Program Manager, Information Sharing & Networking

iii)  The Program Manager, Technical Support

iv)  The Program Manager, Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy

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