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Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is Ugandan non-governmental organization dedicated to aiding women and women's organizations in the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). WOUGNET is a member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

WOUGNET was set up in May 2000 by women's organisations from Uganda. Its mailing lists are hosted by Hostalite. WOUGNET's mission is "to promote and support the use of information and communication technologies by women organisations as well as individuals, so as to improve the conditions of life for Ugandan women, by enhancing their capacities and opportunities for exchange, collaboration and information sharing." The director and Coordinator is Dorothy Okello.

Primarily, WOUGNET focuses on using mobile phones, e-mail and the web, and is interested in the integration of "traditional means" such as radiovideo, and print in a way that it enables wider outreach. Subscriptions to the WOUGNET's mailing lists, drawn from a global audience, have grown from 50 in the year 2000 to 1,800  (spread out across two lists, the WOUGNET mailing list and the WOUGNET update newsletter) by December 2006. Since then there are other newsletters that are generated monthly and shared to members in the mailing list.

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