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Call For Proposals: Terms of Reference to Develop a Policy Brief on the Status of Movement Building in the Digital Age for the Structurally Silenced Women in Uganda Under Our Voice, Our Futures Project

Terms of Reference to Develop a Policy Brief on the Status of Movement Building in the Digital Age for the Structurally Silenced Women in Uganda


Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is a non-governmental organisation initiated in May 2000 by several women’s organisations in Uganda to develop and promote the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) among women as tools to share information and address issues collectively.WOUGNET envisions an inclusive and just society where women and girls are enabled to use Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) for sustainable development. 

WOUGNET in collaboration with Association for Progressive Communications (APC)  is implementing the “‘Our Voices, Our Futures (OVOF)” project which seeks to change the situation of all women. OVOF is working with women’s rights organisations, feminist and women’s movements, diverse community leaders, cultural leaders,  families, artists and the media.


Women’s movements have significantly contributed to gender equality and although some battles have been partly won the majority of women are still disproportionately affected by all forms of violence and discrimination in every aspect of their lives. Women’s movements and collectives are recognised for addressing gender-based violence by shifting attitudes and behaviours around GBV, challenging gender inequality at institutional levels and advocating for creating environments that foster the achievement of women’s rights. In Uganda, women human rights defenders work and rights are protected by a number of international legal instruments and frameworks all intended to safeguard and protect the rights of women and girls. At the national level,  Article 21 of the Ugandan Constitution caters provision of non-discrimination and equal rights of women and men and Article 33, on the rights of women, provides that the state facilitates and provides opportunities necessary to enhance the welfare of women. Amidst the existence of these instruments, women human rights defenders and feminist activists are being subjected to arbitrary limitations on their rights to peacefully express themselves both online and offline. The root cause of this limitation is the patriarchal nature of Ugandan society and the cultural norms or value belief systems that drive societal and policy agenda hence undermining fundamental rights. Recognizing the urgency and important role that women’s movement and feminist actors have played over the years, WOUGNET would like to strengthen this gain by developing a policy brief to strengthen advocacy and enhance the capacity to champion women’s agenda especially the rights of structurally silenced women such as persons with disabilities, women human rights defenders and so on. This policy brief aims to amplify and unify the voices of women who are historically marginalised to actively drive changes in their own lives and communities.

Main Objective 

To develop a comprehensive policy brief examining the Status of Movement Building in the digital age for silenced women Structurally Silenced Women in Uganda with practical recommendations for implementation. 

Specific Objectives 

  1. To identify, analyse and document the specific challenges faced by structurally silenced women in movement building in the digital age.
  2. Develop a set of practical, evidence-based recommendations that encompass policy changes, awareness campaigns, capacity-building strategies, and collaborative actions to address the identified challenges effectively. 
  3. Organise and facilitate a one-day workshop to disseminate the findings of the movement-building in the digital age policy brief to members and the selected policy decision-makers. The workshop will have strictly 15 participants involving a diverse range of stakeholders, including structurally silenced women, women human rights defenders, policymakers, civil society organisations, and grassroots activists. 

Scope of the Assignment 

  1. Develop and submit the inception report with a detailed plan and schedule for the development of the brief.
  2. Participate in inception meetings to discuss and agree on the finer details of the consultancy.
  3. Develop the draft movement-building policy brief.
  4. Work in close collaboration with the Project Leader and Executive Director to provide all the information necessary to have the policy brief produced and disseminated.
  5. Develop a final Movement Building Policy brief for Structurally Silenced Women.

Duration of the Assignment

The consultant has a maximum of 15 working days to deliver the final policy brief to WOUGNET and no extension will be granted. 


The key deliverables for the assignment are:

  • An Inception report with a detailed plan for the development of the brief. 
  • A workshop held with strictly 15 participants including a diverse range of stakeholders, including structurally silenced women, women human rights defenders, policymakers, civil society organisations, and grassroots activists. 
  • A final policy brief developed with practical recommendations with multi-stakeholder consultations conducted involving policymakers and structurally silenced women (in soft copy containing all the photos, transcription, and cleaned data). 
  • At least 10 printed copies of the final Movement Building in the Digital Age policy brief for Structurally Silenced Women.

Qualifications and Required Competencies for the Consultant 

WOUGNET is looking for a competent consultant/ resource person with the requisite training, knowledge, skills, and proven experience in undertaking similar assignments.  

The ideal consultant should have demonstrated expertise in the area of gender and development, women’s rights online, digital human rights, policy analysis,  development studies, research, law or any related field.  

  • A minimum Bachelor’s degree in the field of Gender, Development Studies, Social Sciences, Human Rights, and Law and an advanced degree shall be an added advantage. 
  • Experience of not less than 5 years in the field of movement building and feminism, gender, digital human rights,  women’s online rights, political representation and policy analysis. 
  • Demonstrated ability to complete complex assignments in a timely manner and deliver quality results. 
  • Demonstrated experience (of at least 5 years) in carrying out similar assignments in relation to research, policy lobbying and advocacy by CSOs,  feminist organisations, and networks at different levels; planning and strategy development for advocacy engagements; Strong analytical, and writing (English)  facilitation and communication skills.  
  • Good understanding of the Gender sensitive ICT policy-making and implementation process on women’s rights online especially structurally silenced women in Uganda. 
  • Good understanding of critical issues and challenges faced by structurally silenced women, especially in movement building in the digital spaces as well as various interventions in addressing these in communities. 
  • Ability to work efficiently and deliver outputs under the assignment within agreed timelines and deadlines. 

Application Process 

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should  include the following; 

  • Both technical and financial proposals in ONE PDF and not more than 5 (five) pages detailing the value and capacity to undertake the assignment. This should include prior similar assignments, especially with Non-governmental Organisations. 
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae not more than 5 pages.

NB: Financial proposals will be evaluated based on the total funds available for the assignment and WOUGNET will enter into negotiations with the best-evaluated consultant. 

Submission of the technical, financial proposal, and Curriculum Vitae should be e-mailed to and cc on or before 5:00 PM EAT on Sunday, 22nd September 2023. 

Feminists and WHRDs are ENCOURAGED to apply.

In case of any queries please


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