February 2023: How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android 2023?

How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android: A connection problem or invalid MMI code is the number one issue that Android device users face. If you’re facing the same issue, don’t worry! This blog will help you to fix the connection problem or invalid MMI code on your Android device. We’ll overview […]

January 2023: How to Fix Google Chrome’s Out-of-Memory Error

Does Google Chrome show an out-of-memory error when you try to launch a website or web page? If so, your browser may be using up all your computer’s resources, leaving nothing for your sites to use. You have a few ways to get around this problem, and we’ll show you how. As you may already know, Chrome […]

September 2022: Migrating from Mac to PC (Part1) Welcome to PC

This is it; you’re making the jump from Mac* to PC, and you’ve got questions. This in-depth guide has everything you need to know about making the switch from Mac to Windows* PC. We’ve got you covered with guidance on converting and transferring your files as well as setting up your new experience. It’s simpler […]

August 2022: Low Battery Settings in iPhone

We all know the iPhone drill: a “Low Battery. 20% battery… We all know the iPhone drill: a “Low Battery. 20% battery remaining” alert, followed by options to tap Low Power Mode or deny reality by tapping Close. Apple added Low Power Mode as part of iOS9 in order to save battery, so should battery-conscious iPhone users just […]

July 2022: How to stop websites from disturbing you

How to block distracting websites Use a work-only browser.Get a work-only profile.Activate flight mode. Use a browser app/extension. Use PC or mobile app. use a dedicated browser for workThe Internet is full of useful information, but accessing the Internet can waste hours of your productivity. What started as a glimpse of your favorite sites and […]

June 2022: 9 Windows 11 Features That’ll Totally Change How You Use the OS

Whether you’re using your computer for work or your personal life, it’s a good time to master some of Windows 11’s productivity features. These built-in tricks can help you do everything from setting up Taskbar shortcuts to saving battery power.  Microsoft isn’t typically as upfront about its hidden features in the same way that Apple tends to […]

May 2022: How To Listen To Twitter Spaces From Any Device

As one of Twitter’s newest features, Twitter Spaces lets you listen to live audio chats. Anyone with a Twitter account can join a Twitter Space, and you can do it on different devices. Once you’ve joined a Twitter Space, you can interact with other members of that Space, pin Tweets, turn on captions, and engage […]

March 2022: Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie App

Did you know that Microsoft Teams offers a Walkie Talkie app? The Walkie Talkie app in Teams provides instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication for your team and is now available on Android & iOS. Walkie Talkie allows users to connect with their team using the same underlying channels they’re already members of. Only users who connect […]