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Women, a beast of burden

Did you know the Women contribute a lot to household incomes , apart from caring for the children , preparing meals for families and also to the development of the country yet their efforts are not appreciated , Women in the rural areas of Busia District move long distances in search of water for washing and  preparing meals for their families , many of them tie children on their backs and also use bicycles to fetch water from protected springs and rivers . 

Water from unprotected springs and other water sources is often contaminated and results into water borne diseases like bilharzia , cholera and dysentry and therefore  Women like Gloria a community volunteer with Hope Case Foundation and  living in the rural sub county of Busiime in Busia Uganda after training in digital  literacy skills organized captured photos of contaminated water sources where  women fetch water and shared with the District water Engineer, Busia and i write this story Busiime Sub County has been  allocated 6 boreholes to be installed this financial year ,2022/2023 .Had it not been for digital literacy skills training this problem of water access faced by Women  in this rural sub county of Busiime in Busia  would not have surfaced in the public domain .

Bravo Women of Uganda Net Work /Smile project .

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