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The Womens Rights Online in Uganda Legal Education Guide for Social Media Users 3.70 MB 49 downloads

Social media denotes computer technologies, the internet-based that facilitate, the...

Movement Building in the Digital Age for Structurally Silenced Women in Uganda 446.27 KB 10 downloads

This policy brief explores the transformative potential of digital technologies in...

Advocating for Women’s Rights and Privacy Online in Uganda: A Case for Legal, Policy and Practice Reforms 5.97 MB 94 downloads

This policy brief presents an analysis of the legal, policy, and practice of women’s...

Advancing an Enabling Framework for Internet Governance in Uganda 407.78 KB 2 downloads

This policy brief addresses the critical need for an enabling framework for internet...

Advancing Data Justice Research and Practice in Uganda 534.19 KB 50 downloads

Many years ago, existing approaches to data ethics and governance focused on issues...

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