Exploring the Contribution of Women of Uganda Network in Improving Service Delivery  in Uganda

WOUGNET with support from Indigo Trust implemented a project titled: Strengthening Use of ICTs and Social Media for Citizen Engagement and Improved Service Delivery. The project was implemented in Northern Uganda, in the districts of Apac, Kole, and Oyam. The project aimed at strengthening engagements among citizens and their leaders, and to demand for improved service delivery through the use of ICTs.This project helped in raising awareness in communities and this specifically targeted the capacity of duty bearers and citizens( Voluntary Social Accountability Committees(VSACs) to enable them to monitor social service delivery issues within their respective communities.VSACs also documented and reported service delivery in their communities through the SMS platform, M-Omulimisa, and followed up with their respective duty bearers to act on their issues. The project registered successes in regard to activities that were implemented as mentioned below;

Promotion of Education Service in Kuluopuk Primary School, Oyam District

During one of the meetings with the school community, parents and teachers noted that the students’ performance had remarkably declined over the years as a result of loud music that was being played by the neighboring businessman during class hours. WOUGNET, together with VSACs worked closely with school administrators and social management committees to improve the quality of education for the children in their community by having dialogues with parents, teachers, and businessmen about the music being played next to the school. However, the businessman claimed that he shared the land with the school so he had the right to do anything he wanted, he, therefore, suggested that the school pay him off so that he could find another settlement. With help from the Parents-Teacher Association(PTA) and school management, parents agreed to collect Two hundred thousand Uganda shillings per household for the compensation of the land and also the building which belonged to the businessman that turned out to be Two million six hundred thousand Uganda shillings. The land was later released to the school and the land title was obtained. After the release of the land in 2015, the general performance in the Primary Leaving Examination improved. Teachers, pupils, and parents were all happy about everything and thanked WOUGNET for the invention.

Improved Health Service Delivery in Iceme Health Centre III 

In Iceme Health Centre III, the communities noticed that there was an illegal sale of Antiretroviral drugs(ARVs) to patients by some hospital staff in the HIV/AIDS department. Reports gathered by  VSACs indicated that clients who used to go to the  Antiretroviral Therapy(ART) clinic had to pay two thousand shillings each and those who were unable to raise the money were left unattended to save for special cases. A highly commendable work was done with the help of the Women of Uganda Network( WOUGNET) in Iceme sub-country and the launch of the community independent monitors(VSACs). The VSACs ensured that those who were enrolled as Antiretroviral Therapy patients at Iceme Health Centre III received the necessary assistance as far as visiting the ART Clinic was concerned and their problems were well attended to free of charge. Patients were able to get drugs at a free cost.

Improved Safe Water in Baramindyang Primary School, Kole District

Misunderstanding arose between the community and the school after the borehole had broken down. The school administrators and pupils blamed the community members of Telela for misusing the borehole and failing to collect the money needed to repair it. The broken borehole affected the school because it had a boarding section and pupils spent a lot of time walking in pursuit of water instead of being in class. This greatly affected their performance. The community also had to walk long distances to find other water sources. When WOUGNET intervened through VSACs, it managed to mediate between the school administration and the local community surrounding the school regarding the issue. The VSAC efforts were successful as the community agreed to generate funds for the repair of the borehole( each household collected Two thousand Uganda shillings. The pupils of Baramindyand Primary School and the community enjoyed clean water from a trusted and clean source.

Improved Safe drinking water in Agong B Cagere sub-county, Apac district

The community of Agong ‘B’ had hardship as a result of dirty water coming from the community borehole. The water being pumped from the borehole seemed contaminated and bad for human health. The community called for help from WOUGNET VSACs. After receiving the complaint, VSACs tried to reach the authorities concerned, but they were not responsive to the matter. The leaders were taking a long time to respond to the complaint, so the VSACs decided to contact the ‘ International Lifeline Fund’ who immediately rectified the issue. The water is now safe and its elected water user community has been put in place. Gratitude goes to the WOUGNET VSACs for helping the community demand for proper service delivery and identify a reliable remedy to boreholes in Agong.

In conclusion, the Indigo Trust project had a great impact on the people in the districts of Apac, Kole, and Oyam because it increased people’s knowledge of the usage of ICTs such as radios and mobile phones. The community was also able to get an improved service delivery, particularly in Health and water.

Written by,
Roseline Babirye, Program Assistant Gender, and ICT Policy Advocacy


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