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January 2022: How To Prevent Cyber Attacks

In our first tech tip for 2022, we are continuing to review our top recommendations for protecting your organization against cyber threats

Last month we talked about how to help reduce the potential for a cyber intrusion. Another important front-line of protection against cyber threats are your employees. The better educated your organization is about what a potentially malicious cyber threat looks like, the less likely your organization will let a threat in.

There are many different training programs available to assist with cyber security awareness. In general, your team should be trained on:

  1. Safe internet use and how to identify suspicious links.
  2. Safe use of email and how to avoid phishing.
  3. Responsible use of social media.
  4. Safeguarding company hardware such as laptops, desktops, and handheld devices.
  5. How to safely work from home.
  6. How to address requests for money transfers, purchases, and access to company data.

Effective cyber security training should be treated as an ongoing initiative, with quarterly or semi-annual presentations or campaigns. New employees should also be trained as part of an onboarding process.

If you would like to learn more about cyber security awareness training or how to protect your organization from cyber threats, contact us.

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