To improve incomes among micro and small women entrepreneurs in Mukono through exploitation of ICTs in their enterprises.
Our membership to WOUGNET has enabled positive exploitation of ICTs (Internet usage) which we value so much over years is of immerse help in sustainable development.
a. Promoting sustainable agriculture, improved modern life through the provision and access to ICT b. Providing care for the sick and elderly, disabled women and the girl child in our community.
a. Promoting sustainable agriculture best practices in order to enhance food security among members b. Encouraging women to open up small scale business/cottage industries in groups so that they can collectively produce, sell in bulk and get bigger incomes. c. Promoting the culture of saving among micro and small women entrepreneurs. d. Improving the health of our people by having proper nutrition and use of hygienic methods in homes. e. Creating awareness among the populace and counseling the bed ridden and the widows/orphans of the people with HIV/AIDS and other illnesses and recently COVID-19. f. Enhancing our partners’ ability to conduct development work in our community through use of ICT. g. Sharing (ASK) attitude, skills and knowledge with like-minded organizations through field visits, farmer to farmer extension and ICT.
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) Lower Local government ( LCI,LCIII and LV)
Women above 18 years of age regardless of social status

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