Improve quality of life for the wives and families of soldiers in all UPDF Units
ROWOSA is an umbrella organization for the Wives of Soldiers of UPDF that was established to enable them drive towards self-reliance. This undertaking came when it was realized that wives of soldiers suffer a lot when they lose their husbands in special duties or missions and others become incapacitated. It was found necessary to empower wives of soldiers in order to survive like women in civil communities and also enable their families to live a better life without the over dependence of the soul bread winner. Since the year of inception, ROWOSA has been undertaking various long term and short term projects and activities that have empowered soldiers’ families in various areas like laundry, mushroom growing, sustainable farming, bakery, poultry, tailoring, Tie and Die (Fabrics), ICT, adult education, home based farming, savings and financial management. This has been basically for skills development and income generation. Due to financial constraints ROWOSA has not been able to reach to all the families of soldiers and yet it is the organization’s objectives to reach out to all UPDF units in the country.
Luweero and Military Communities in Uganda
a. Women empowerment (Skills for self-sustenance) b. Health promotion (HIV and Family Planning awareness) c. Youth empowerment (girl child and boy child)
a. Bakery production b. Skills trainings c. Laundry services d. Health awareness and promotions (family planning and HIV/AIDs awareness creation and support) e. Poultry f. Tailoring g. Information and Computer Training h. Youth conferences and workshops i. Saving and credit scheme
a. Makerere University School of Women and Gender Development Studies in the training of ICT based knowledge and skills. b. Ministry of defense and veteran affairs/ UPDF, Private Sector Foundation Uganda and the Town council in the implementation of organization projects and activities. c. Women of Uganda network (WOUGNET) in handling issues concerning women and the girl child.
a. Skills empowerment and acquisition for self-sustenance b. Inclusion and support of women in decision making and Politics both at local and national level. c. Family planning and HIV/AIDS awareness and support information d. ICT as a new way of life and Digital migration.
Soldiers’ families (soldiers’ Wives and their children)

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