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How to Join WOUGNET

Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting or supporting the use of ICTs for sustainable development with an emphasis on activities directly related to Ugandan women.

Furthermore, in line with consultations made during the 2014 Annual Members Meeting (AMM) and consultation with WOUGNET Board and Stakeholders, effective January 2014, the WOUGNET membership shall be paid.

For organisations joining, they shall be expected to pay 50,000UGX for entry and an additional 100,000UGX as annual subscription. This payment allows WOUGNET to plan and endevour to meet the needs of her Members.

A WOUGNET subscription form and an MOU shall be signed at the end. Besides, WOUGNET may seek an appointment for meeting with representatives of organisations/individuals interested in joining the WOUGNET membership. Inquiries can always be addressed to the email:

Existing WOUGNET members shall all duly be contacted on process basis to make payments and adjust to the new plan.

The fees charged are for WOUGNET membership, which is available at three levels:

  • Organisation: This level is for women organisations based in Uganda and duly registered with the National NGO Board or at district level for CBOs. To join, organisations need to submit a copy of their Registration Certificate, fill out an Organisation Entry Form which you can request through and provide a profile of the organisation to be published on the WOUGNET website.  In addition, the organisation will need to subscribe to the WOUGNET mailing list, currently hosted on DGroups. We will also have links created to their websites (where applicable).
  • Affiliate: This level is for organisations that are not women-based organisations in Uganda (and other foreign/international organisations), that are interested in the use of ICTs for sustainable development in Uganda. To join, an organisation needs to subscribe to the WOUGNET mailing list .
  • Individual: This level is for individuals. To join, one needs to simply subscribe to the general WOUGNET mailing list (wougnet-l) currently hosted on DGroups.

Please note the following;

1.To subscribe to the WOUGNET mailing lists, go to the dgroups website and register to create your account, you can then join the mailing lists of your choice. The general lists is wougnet-l and there are other specific subject WOUGNET lists.

2. Please note that DGroups hosts groups/mailing lists for different organisations.

2. For any assistance in the process, please contact the WOUGNET TechSupport team at

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