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July  17th – 19th July 2024

All day Conference


Theme: Opportunities for all: Harnessing Data & Technology for Africa’s Transformation

DataFest Africa is an annual event that celebrates data science and its ever-evolving impact on Africa. Since its inception in 2019, the conference has become a melting pot of some of the brightest minds in the region, bringing together stakeholders of diverse backgrounds including; government, civil society, academics, students and private industry experts to connect, learn, and collaborate on innovative data-driven solutions.

The 2024 edition of DataFest Africa will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, under the Theme: “Opportunities for all: Harnessing Data and Technology for Africa’s Transformation.” The festival will be hosted in a hybrid format, focusing on understanding and spotlighting the need to promote the intersectionality of gender and data. This will also have an in-depth conversation on how data affects women and girls from data scientists to women who consume and use data daily.


1. The Impact of Spyware on Civic Space and Feminist Organizing in Uganda

Date: July 18, 2024

Time: 14:10 – 15:10 EAT

Session Format: Workshop

UC – 203 KIVA – Seminar Room

This session aims to explore the various impacts of spyware on the activities and safety of civil society organisations, activists, and specifically feminist groups in Uganda and foster a collaborative environment to seek solutions and strengthen digital resilience.

More information:  

Speakers: Angela Minayo; ARTICLE 19 East Africa, David Iribagiza; WOUGNET, Esther Nyapendi; WOUGNET


2. Leveraging data for advocacy: Research and policy recommendations in Africa

Session Format: Panel Session

UC – 203 KIVA – Seminar Room

Time: 15:50 -16:50 EAT

In this panel, FIRN will start a conversation about the meaning of leveraging data for advocacy. Guests for this session are – POLLICY, WOUGNET, CITAD, and Mozilla Foundation. Based on these institutions’ research expertise and experience, we hope to re-centre research as an entrance point to identifying geopolitical complexities, understanding intersecting realities of tech-related issues, and the importance of leveraging data for feminist advocacy and challenging

the status quo. More info: 

Speakers: Tigist Hussein, APC; Phillip Ayazika, Pollicy; David Iribagiza, WOUGNET; Y.Z, CITAD; Chenai Chair, Mozilla Foundation

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