The annual 11th Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF) will take place from 23rd to 25th April 2024, Accra Ghana with participants from around the world. Hosted by the Paradigm Initiative, the DRIF will bring together stakeholders, government officials, and Civil Society Organisations to discuss rights and inclusion in the digital age, and among these is Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET). 


Under the theme, “Fostering Rights and Inclusion in the Digital Age”, the DRIF will recognize the potential of emerging technologies to foster inclusivity in the civic space and the importance of women’s participation in policymaking, especially online laws and policies. 


During the event, WOUGNET will advocate for the development of technologies that foster the participation of persons with disabilities in online spaces, protect women’s rights in the digital space, and emphasize the importance of Freedom of Expression and the need to combat Online Gender-Based Violence. 


WOUGNET firmly believes in the power of digital rights inclusion to uplift and empower women. We shall actively contribute to discussions such as access to technology, emerging technologies and affordable internet connectivity in Africa. Through advocating for policies that prioritize women’s access to the internet, WOUGNET aims to create an inclusive digital society. The 11th edition of the DRIF will be held under the following sub-themes;


Tuesday ,23rd April, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Civic Space in Africa

Format: Physical

Host: International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Time:11:00 AM-12:40 PM GMT

Speakers: Sandra Aceng, Li-Fung, Eugene Xaba, Florence Nakazibwe, Adeboye Adegoke


This session will delve into the importance of AI and other emerging technologies to Civil Society Organisations that promote the use of ICTs for women and girls, potential risks and threats to human rights, and possible strategies to mitigate risks and threats. 

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Tuesday 23rd, April

Enhancing Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Kenyan Community Networks

Format: Physical


Time: 3:10 PM- 4:10 PM GMT

Speakers: David Iribagiza, Stephen Fosu, Catherine Kyalo, Florence Awino Ouma

In this session, WOUGNET will share insights and best practices to enhance the capacity of community networks in facilitating the inclusion of marginalised groups, advocate for and discuss policy interventions necessary to promote digital inclusion and accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, and examine the role of laws and policies in guiding digital accessibility efforts within community networks. 

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Wednesday 24th April, 2024

Londa 2023 Report  and Paradigm Initiative’s 4th Short Film Executive Premiere

Format: Physical

Host: Paradigm Initiative

Time: 6:45 PM -8:30 PM GMT

Speakers: Sandra Aceng, Thobnekile Matimbe, Khadijah El-Usman, Charles Kajoloweka, Joshua Alabi, Kenneth Oyeniyi, Emeka Nwagbaraocha


This will be an exclusive premiere by Paradigm Initiative

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Wednesday 24th April, 2024

Unveiling Perspectives:  90-Minute Interactive Dialogue with Digital Rights Leaders

Format: Physical

Host: Paradigm InitiativeIInitiative

Time: 4:20 PM- 5:30 PM EAT

Speakers: Sandra Aceng, Gbenga Sesan, Rafael Zanatta

This will be an engaging and interactive   panel featuring prominent leaders in the field of digital rights, that aims to provide a unique platform for DRIF participants to directly engage with and question digital rights leaders, gaining insights into current challenges, emerging trends, and innovative solutions.

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Wednesday 24th April, 2024

Connect the Unconnected: Strengthening Women’s Access to Rural Broadband Connectivity in Africa

Format: Physical

Host: Women of Uganda Network

Time: 8:45 AM-9:45 AM GMT

Speakers: David Iribagiza, Eugene Masiku, Josephine Milizi, Stephen Fosu


This session will highlight the role of local leadership, capacity building, and research in developing sustainable, reliable, accessible and affordable broadband in Africa. A panel of 4 speakers from Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana will share challenges and lessons learned in enhancing rural broadband connectivity during an interactive panel discussion.

WOUGNET will share a case study of how the 12 sites established at Bedi Igen farmers’ group, Apac Secondary School, Apac General Hospital, and Atopi market, among others, which are   accessible daily by 50 community members.

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Thus, the annual DRIF will provide a platform for stakeholders like WOUGNET to come together and shape the future of an inclusive internet through significant contributions to the discussions and addressing the challenges of digital inclusion, connectivity and digital security. 

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