Increasing women’s decision making and influence in Internet Governance and ICT policy for the realization of women’s rights in Africa

Uganda and South Africa
Project Overview:
Implementing Partners: 1. WOUGNET 2. WomensNet 3. APC In partnership with APC and Women’s Net, South Africa, WOUGNET this year embarked on the second phase of this project. The overall goal of this project is to increase women’s decision making and influence in internet governance and ICT policies for the realization of women’s rights in Uganda and Africa as a whole. It is hoped that the project activities will help increase the capacity of women in South Africa and Uganda to discuss, analyze, respond to and influence policy on gender and internet governance more effectively. The project is in its second phase with activities carried out including; Evidence based research to build on the Understanding of the Intersections between women’s rights and Internet Governance – This activity was done over the period August to September 2016 and it involved hiring of a consultant to undertake the evidence based research to bring to light the state and intersections of women’s rights and internet governance in Uganda. More information and analysis on how internet governance affects women’s rights in Uganda is available – A number of articles were published on the WOUGNET website and posted on our Facebook and twitter pages by WOUGNET project staff and organizations that we partner with in various projects around gender, feminism and internet Governance issues including; – CIPESA, AMWA, Women’s Net and APC. On our WOUGNET website some of the following articles were published in the stated project period. Local level conversations using the Feminist Principles on the Internet – This activity took place on 16 November 2016 and attracted over 35 participants drawn from diverse WOUGNET stakeholders and partners. Out of the 35 participants targeted, 22, represented their own institutions and 5 were drawn from WOUGNET online activists due to their online activism and potential to contribute to the Internet Governance (IG) discussions. 8 Participants were representatives from University and institutions who WOUGNET thought are critical in advancing the Feminists Principles on the Internet (FPI) within the student communities. National Awareness Raising workshop on women’s rights and technology – The purpose of the Campaign was to raise awareness and generate conversation on GBV, particularly on online violence against women. The activity was to coincide with the annual UNWomen awareness campaign dubbed #16 Days of Activism against GBV. It was also meant to raise issues on the current state of Internet Governance and ICT Policy in Uganda while highlighting their implications for women and girls online as well as offline. Gender and Internet Governance Exchange (Gigx,) Africa School on internet governance (AfriSIG) & Africa Internet Governance (AFIG) – A joint national Gender and Internet Governance Exchange (GigX) that took place on 10th October 2016 in Durban, South Africa in a build up towards the African School of Internet Governance (AfriSIG) (11 – 15 October) and the African Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) (16-19 October) Activities to be carried out in the Second Phase of the project include; online publications, online discussions using the FPIs, national Gigx, Local level conversation using FPIs and a National awareness raising campaign.

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