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Local Voices

To increase knowledge, strengthen advocacy skills of Civil Society Organisations and media organizations for improved civic awareness and to foster reforms on restrictive legal frameworks.
Project Overview:
In Uganda, there are increasing and unexpectedly legal changes and civic activism driven by the passage of legal frameworks that affect the operations of the organisations such as the Computer Misuse Act 2011 as amended in 2022 by the parliament of Uganda. Some of the enacted laws have provisions that do not promote a cohesive and inherent environment for Civil Society Organisations. Furthermore, internal shortcomings coupled with funding struggles have hampered the capacity of CSOs to regularly come together or invest in building the competence of their staff to caucus on the challenges encountered and on the importance of civic awareness. The restrictive laws and constant changes in the legal frameworks have numerous negative consequences on the operations of Civil Society Organizations. There is a need for a coordinated, sustained and muti-pronged approach to civic space issues in Uganda in order to create an opportunity for CSOs to positively influence the legal framework, broaden reach to minority groups and advocate for approaches that contribute to a strong CSO enabling environment. WOUGNET is therefore engaging selected CSOs and media organisations in Uganda to strengthen their resilience and build capacity to appropriately respond to emerging threats and restrictions and additionally improve their compliance with the regulatory requirements.

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