MAR 2020 Promoting Smart Policy Options in Closing the Gender Digital Divide in Uganda

Project Overview:
The project is focused on conducting a multi-stakeholder convening of civil society organizations involved in gender equality advocacy to plan, share different policy advocacy strategies and devise a common agenda. This will support the development of a civil society position paper that highlights priority areas for redress to share and engage with policy makers. The position paper will be validated by the civil society groups. Policy round tables and other face-to face policy meetings will be organized. Additionally, the capacity of policy makers will be built in gender sensitive monitoring and evaluation of ICT interventions and programs. Implementing partners: WOUGNET is partnering with networks such as Centre for Multilateral Affairs (CfMA), Unwanted Witness Uganda as advocacy groups to steer the project. Other existing networks such as the Women ICT Advocacy Group [WIAG] chaired by WOUGNET is also at the forefront of policy engagement.

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