Strengthening Ugandans’ Rights to Freedom of Expression through Policy Advocacy and Media (SURFACE)

Project Overview:
Social media has increasingly been a powerful tool in promoting rights to access information and freedom of expression globally. In Uganda, social media has been used by the government to engage citizens on national development policy initiatives. The social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are widely used in Uganda and many other African Countries. Recognizing the growth in the number and reach of social media, several governments and state actors have adopted regulatory and legal frameworks to ensure online safety and legal use of social media to prevent illicit online activities and crimes. However, Uganda is one of those autocratic countries in the world where access to information and freedom of expression is considered to be dangerous to the ruling government because those in power prefer not to face inconvenient questions from journalists or the public. The project’s specific objective was to Improve effective reforms and implementation of existing national laws and policies that govern the right to access information and freedom of expression on social media. This Project aimed aims Enhancing Women’s Rights Online through evidence-based Policy Advocacy and Media. The project was able to produce a research report, policy brief, and legal education guide for social media users that increased the level of understanding and knowledge of existing international and national regulatory and legal frameworks that govern the right to access information and freedom of expression on social media. Project Duration: February 2021 -July 2021

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