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Strengthening use of ICTs and Social media for citizen engagement and improved service delivery

Project Overview:
Uganda has 19.7 % of its people living below the poverty line (earn less than a dollar a day) with 44% of the chronically poor households living in northern Uganda and 54.1% of the 37 million Ugandans are below 18 years of age (UBOS 2017). A total of 23% of male and 42.3% of female are illiterate and 80% live in rural areas. These are people whose lives are directly affected by the decisions made by the political elites at all levels of governance. Yet this section of the Ugandan population has very little access to information on the performance of their leaders. Information about service delivery and accountability is in control of the district political and civil service leaders which breed an environment in which rural populations treat the provision of services as a gift or favor from their leaders/governments. Majority of the rural are left out of decision making and are not able to hold a meaningful debate on improving service delivery. ICTs as tools for development, enhances communication, advocacy and awareness creation on improving service delivery. WOUGNET innovatively uses the already existing synergies of ICTs in monitoring, engagement and reporting poor service delivery to improve use of ICTs to create deeper engagement between the community and the duty bearers for greater results. WOUGNET works with community monitors here referred as VSACs and duty bearers who are referred to as leaders to improve service delivery in the target districts. The Indigo Trust project focused on public services like health, education, water and sanitation, roads and infrastructure development and agriculture. The project objectives are; An existing SMS platform called “m-Omulimisa” adapted and integrated with Ushahidi to strengthen community engagement with duty bearers in addressing poor service delivery issues. Use of online media for advocacy and civic engagement strengthened. Voices of the grassroots communities on corruption and poor service delivery using ICTs for wider coverage documented and disseminated.

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