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Sandra Aceng

Executive Director

She is currently the Executive Director at WOUGNET. Sandra is a Gender & ICT Researcher, Policy Analyst, Writer, and Wikimedian. She coordinates a caucus called Women ICT Advocacy Group (WIAG) that comprises organizations and individuals interested in ICT and gender issues to advocate for internet access for all. Sandra advocates for the integration of gender perspectives in ICT policy and analyses threats to free expression in Africa introduced by regulatory initiatives. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (GAD and Sociology) from Makerere University. Sandra is a Global Voices contributor, Impakter Magazine contributor, Freedom House Contributor on digital rights and elections, 2020 Global Network Initiative (GNI)/Internews Fellow, Ttaala 2020 Fellow by DefendDefenders aimed at skilling Human Rights Defenders in the digital age. She is also the Associate Editor at Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. She is a volunteer at Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda. During her free time, she contributes articles on women for women on Wikipedia, aimed at closing the gender gap. Sandra attended trainings in Digital Security, OPTIMA Network Measurement by Internews in 2020, Universal Periodic Review in 2019, SAFETAG in 2019, Geographical Information System (GIS) under the OpenEd fellowship program in 2016/2017-cohort, and Aid Data Summer GIS in July 2017. She is also a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Alumni 2018, a one-year online mentorship program for women entrepreneurs. Sandra’s key interests are policy analysis, writing articles, entrepreneurship, volunteering, Gender & ICT, and research.

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