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July 2017: Frequently Requested Facebook Tips

Facebook tries to keep settings and other options simple, but now that the social network offers so many options and features, it can sometimes make even the simplest things complicated. Here are 10 frequently requested Facebook tips that will improve your overall experience and assist you with using Facebook.

1. Add Timeline or Remove Timeline

Facebook’s Timeline seems to be a hate it or love it feature for most FB users. It seems like people are either trying to figure out how to get Timeline, or once they get Timeline, how to remove it. The process is simple for either, but it does require a few steps.

a) Enable Facebook Timeline –

While signed in to FB, jump to the Timeline page.

b) Get rid of Facebook Timeline –

If you are one of the masses who does not like the timeline view, you can disable it in your own browser with Timeline Remove.

Timeline Remove is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Scroll to the middle of the Timeline Remove homepage and click the icon for your browser. Immediately, the extension will begin to download. Once it is downloaded, open and run the extension’s installer. Close and restart your browser. Once your browser reopens, go to Facebook. Navigate to your or one of your friends’ profile pages. You will see the content displayed in the old wall format, with pictures across the top and posts on the rest of the page.

To switch back to the timeline view, click the Timeline Remove icon next to your address bar, then click the Status: TimeLine Remove link. Refresh your Facebook page and the timeline returns.

Timeline Remove does not change any of your Facebook settings, so others will still see your profile as the timeline unless they have installed Timeline Remove also.

2. Change your Profile Picture

Changing your Facebook profile picture is quite simple. While signed in to FB, simply click your name in the upper, right side of the screen to jump to your profile. Once at your profile, hover the mouse pointer over your profile picture, and you will be presented with the Change Picture option.

3. Unfriend or Delete someone from your friends list

If you no longer want to be friends with someone, you can unfriend them/delete them from your friends list. From your profile page, select the Friends listing, located along the left side of the screen. This will queue your Friends list in the main window. Scroll down the list to find the person that you want to delete. Hover your mouse over the Friends button and select Unfriend from the context menu.

4. How to Unsubscribe from a friend’s updates

By default, you have subscribed to all of your friend's status updates, which appear on the main Facebook page. If you don’t want to unfriend someone, but don’t want to receive their online status updates either, you can simply unsubscribe them.

Click the Facebook logo in the upper left side of the screen to jump to the FB homepage. From there, simply hover over any status update in the feed, and an arrow will appear. Click the arrow and select Unsubscribe from ____ or Unsubscribe from status updates by ____.

Also, note that you can choose a level for the status updates, should you decide not to unsubscribe. Using the All Updates, Most Updates, and Only Important options allow you to set this option.

5. How to unlike

Facebook uses likes to simply keep a count of the popularity of things. So, you’re browsing the web and you click the Like button on something, but maybe later decide that you want to remove the like, or unlike something.

Simply navigate, to whatever specific website, webpage, or app that the like button was on, and click it again. This will remove the like, or unlike the item. You must be signed in to your Facebook account for this.

Additionally, if the like was originally, directly via Facebook (not alike on a 3rd party website), you can view your likes using the path Activities and Interests > Other pages.

A quick tip: The Facebook like button is now all over the web, on many non-Facebook websites. Clicking the like button on any website that is not Facebook can make it difficult to keep track of which specific articles, posts, videos or other web content that you’ve liked. The LiveJournal plugin lets you keep track of these likes.

6. How to design a Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook’s Timeline feature incorporates the main photo that is the highlight of a profile page. However, you shouldn’t upload just any image and set it as a Timeline Cover, because in order for a Timeline cover to look right, it needs to be specific dimensions. For Facebook Timeline covers, crop your photo to the dimensions 851px/315px.

A quick tip: If you want to go professional with your Facebook Timeline cover, you may be interested in the article Create a Professional Timeline Cover.

7. How to use Facebook from a Smartphone or Tablet

Facebook has provided some official apps that you can download for your Android or Apple-based smartphone or tablet:

Apple Store

Facebook Messenger

Google Play (Android)

Facebook Messenger

A quick tip: You can also install the Facebook Messenger app to your Windows desktop, or Linux desktop which will allow you to use Facebook without a web browser.

8. How to Delete Photos

To delete a photo on Facebook, simply navigate to the photo and click the Options button. Select Delete This Photo from the options menu.

9. How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages

By default, when you click the x button in a Facebook message, it doesn’t delete it, it still remains on the server in an archive. However, there is an option to delete messages in the archive.

In order to see the archived messages, you have scroll all the way down to the bottom while on the messages screen. As you scroll down Facebook automatically loads another set of the older messages, so you have to scroll more to get to the actual bottom of all your messages.

Go ahead and click on the Archived link and you’ll only see the archived messages now. Click on the Actions button and you’ll see a list of options, one of them being Delete Messages. Click on that and now you’ll get the option to select individual entries in the chat history and delete them or you can click the Delete All button and that will delete the entire conversation you’ve had with someone since the beginning of Facebook.

10. How to Change Networks

Facebook allows you to associate yourself with a network. This could be your college, city of residence, or even workplace. To join and manage networks, navigate to the Facebook settings page.

Click the Edit button next to the Networks listing to manage, add or remove networks. That’s all there is to it.

With the above steps, you can now manage, use and setup Facebook more effectively.

Summarised by the WOUGNET TechSupport team from a number of articles posted on Online Tech Tips.

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