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March 2019: Determining how your internet connection is working

Have you ever been there and wondered why is my connection on but am not connected to the internet? Well worry no more today in this article we are going to look at the basic steps of how to troubleshoot your internet connection.

Forst things first check if the adapter has an issue by troubleshooting it.


you can get this by right clicking on the network Icon at the bottom right corner

After hitting the troubleshoot option the computer will try to fix for you the issues if any mostly it does the resetting of the adapter. This can also be achieved from the hardware side where you turn off and on the network adaptor. Some laptops have this option as a second function on their laptops (Fn) other have it as a first option while other have it as a hardware switch.

If doing so does not help what you have to do is check your router settings or restart your internet connection.

Pinging is a way to see if the there are packets sent out of your computer or packets received and you can basically ping any website or a basic

To fire up a command prompt that will guide you press the Windows and R (Win+R) keys together

Once this is done you will see a run command box type in it cmd and press enter

After pressing enter a dark window will open and this is where you will type in your ping command

At the blinking point type in ‘ping URL’ you want to test like below

Hit enter and wait for results.

From this test sent packets are 4 received are for and lost is none if there was any packet lost due to bad connection it would be shown and a percentage loss will be there.

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