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October 2020: How to bulk delete emails from Gmail

Gmail users can bulk delete old, unnecessary emails from their Gmail account in a few simple steps. Clearing out the inbox can help users create space in their Google account.


  • Gmail users can clear out mail based on categories, like read, unread, starred, and unstarred messages.
  • To bulk delete emails, users will require a computer. However, a small number of messages can be deleted from the Gmail app.
  • Deleted emails are moved to trash for 30 days after which they are automatically deleted permanently. Users can also clear out the trash before the end of 30 days.

It is amazing how much space clearing out old, unnecessary emails can make. If you are someone who has over 20,000 mails in your inbox, you may consider decluttering your mailbox. Especially when Google plans to put a 15GB cap on storage for your Google account for your Google photos, emails, and files from Google drive. All this while you may have taken all that free storage for granted and probably did forget to clear out your Gmail.

Deleting emails can be achieved through the Gmail app. However, when you have thousands you want to clear all at once, you will need a computer. Google on one of its support pages notes that you cannot delete all messages together from the Gmail app. To bulk delete emails from Gmail, follow the given steps:

-- Open Gmail, enter your email ID and password.

-- Go To Inbox, here you may see tabs for promotional email or emails from social media (chances are that you have never probably opened the emails and they are lying in your inbox eating your precious storage.)

-- Go on promotional or social or other tabs depending on what you want to delete.
-- Check the Select all option, it is a box on the top left.
-- You will get an option to “delete all (number of total messages) from that category”
-- Select the option.
-- Click Okay to confirm, it may take some time for the emails to clear out.

To delete messages from the inbox:

-- Click the down arrow in the top left
-- You will see categories for messages you would want to delete including all, none read, unread, starred, unstarred.
-- Select the option you want to choose.
-- Click on the Delete button.

You can also delete emails based on the date, the size of the file, or the sender by choosing the advanced search option. You have to click on the down arrow in the search bar and fill out the categories.

To delete large files:

-- Go to Gmail search bar, Press on the down arrow.
-- Fill in the size, for instance, 20MB, select the time window of the mails, for example, one month.
-- All 25MB files will show up. Select all and delete if you wish to delete all or you can back up your important files and then delete them.

You can also delete old emails in the same way by typing in the time range, based on if the email has an attachment, and if the email is unread.

All deleted messages go to Trash and remain there for 30 days. If you want to clear out your trash and permanently delete mails:
-- Select Menu or three lines from the top left.
-- Select Trash.
-- At the top, tap Empty trash now.

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