Life-changing skills that never left women the same again

As we go on to celebrate the Month of the Woman Entrepreneur (MoWE), WOUGNET celebrates the success and achievements of her women under the Socio-Economic Program.

 Awino is a young lady who is a direct beneficiary of the use of beads to make bags, purses, necklaces, earrings and bangles under the WOUGNET Skills training. WOUGNET is currently running a project titled: Strengthening effective and efficient use of ICTs and women’s socio-economic empowerment to promote accountability and transparency for Improved service delivery in Eastern and Northern Uganda. The three-year project is supported by the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions SPIDER.

She is among the young women who mastered the trick so fast and managed to outshine others in the socio-economic activities. WOUGNET Tororo office offers training to women and girls willing to learn different practical skills for sustainable development. During the Holidays, school-going girls look up to these afternoon training that becomes part and parcel of the holiday experience.

 Their products are sold locally but also linked with a lady (initial trainer) who takes the products and sells them in other places in the Jinja district. The girls have concentrated on making bags, money purse, baskets, necklaces, bangles, rosaries among others from both manufactured materials and local craft materials.

Many girls have praised the venture as rewarding and vowed to be resilient and break the cycle of powerlessness among women. The capital for buying the materials according to the girls came from small savings of about UGX 50,000/=. They said this bought beads and string they used for starting up.

 “The sale proceeds worked out the capital,” they said. According to Awino, a well-made bag whose capital goes to Ugx35,000/- can fetch Ugx. Sh. 60,000/= to 70,000/=; a nice purse can cost capital of Ugx 15,000/= and sell at Ugx 35,000/=.  A uniquely made necklace can go up to Ugx 10,000/=

Because of this initiative, there is noted satisfaction in the girls as their self-esteem in and out of school has been boosted. They also spend their time especially during holidays in a more valuable and developmental manner.

Many girls and women can now voice out concerns to leaders because they feel more motivated due to the stand they have in the community through the economic, human rights, citizen journalism, and ICT training WOUGNET offers.

Compiled By:

Nyasuna Patricia

Ass. Gender and Policy advocacy Programme Officer


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