Mobile applications that women must have on their mobile phones

Today’s fifth-generation computer advancement has changed the way people perceive and conduct themselves on the internet. Some people have reached the extent of interacting with their devices like humans due to the introduction of artificial intelligence for instance some companies have adopted the use of robotics to administer tasks.

New mobile phone applications have been developed to help people communicate with their families in long distances in order to sustain relationships tight. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the common mobile applications that have been globally accepted. According to Alfred Lua, social media report indicates that Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram mobile applications have the most numbers of downloads and users online globally.

In Uganda, the top 10 most visited websites are:,,,,,,,,, and

With the evolving use of technology in the world, the following are the mobile applications that each woman with a mobile phone should possess and have access to;

  • Security and safety applications
  • Reproductive and Menstrual health-related applications
  • To-do list mobile applications
  • Nutrition and health-related applications

Security and safety mobile applications

In the current state of Uganda’s security, trust is lost and the safety of life is a priority. There are a number of mobile applications available on the internet that each woman must download on their mobile to alert families and friends in case of the threat of kidnaps or insecurity without screaming for help in the presence of the kidnappers. According to Hussein 2016, watch over me, Bsafe, React Mobile, and stay safe are some of the mobile applications that are considered best for silent alerts help in case the motives of the people you meet and interact with are not clear and you need help with them noticing your move.

These applications have features that can alert users of the system, family, and friends in case the driver of the cab takes a different direction without screaming and GPS can be used to trace the victims.

Reproductive and Menstrual health applications

Applications such as Fertility friend mobile, Clue and Period Tracker, Glow, and Ovia Fertility are some of the applications that provide women with data and information about their bodies with interfaces that track fertility and ovulation to help improve reproductive health.

These applications are free of charge and anybody with access to the internet or smartphones can download them from Google.

Health and nutrition applications

These are also vital for women because food preparation is the dominant chore for women. The applications available for these include Healthy Out, Calorie Counter, Food Diary, Food Intolerances, Waterlogged, and Nutrients.

To-do list mobile applications

Since women have multiple burdens, it is important for them to have applications that may help manage their tasks on a regular basis. These task management applications include Wunderlist, Todoist, Tello, ToodleDo, and AnyDo. These applications can help both men and women in this perspective to maneuver and manage tasks successfully since they are easy to use and most of them are free of charge. In South Korea, a survey study conducted on a total sample of 1,236 students from six different colleges in Suwon and Gyeonggi findings showed that 52 percent of female respondents use their smartphones for at least 4 hours a day while only 29.4 percent of the male respondents do the same.

This study supports the idea that the adoption of these mobile applications can change the way women do things and improve productivity.

Compiled by Amuku Isaac 2018


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