March 2022: Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie App

Did you know that Microsoft Teams offers a Walkie Talkie app? The Walkie Talkie app in Teams provides instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication for your team and is now available on Android & iOS. Walkie Talkie allows users to connect with their team using the same underlying channels they’re already members of. Only users who connect to Walkie Talkie in a channel become participants and can communicate with each other using push-to-talk, one at a time.

With Walkie Talkie in Teams, frontline workers can now securely communicate with a familiar PTT experience without needing to carry bulky radios, and Walkie Talkie works anywhere with WiFi or cellular internet connectivity.

Getting started

Deploying Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie is supported on Android devices with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and iOS devices.

Currently, Walkie Talkie is not pre-installed. To enable this feature for users in your organization, you need to add Walkie Talkie to the ?App Setup Policy ?assigned to users from the Teams Admin Center. Once enabled, Walkie Talkie will become available on the app within 48 hours.

Adding Walkie Talkie to your app list

In the Microsoft Teams admin center, under Teams app > Setup policies, you should have Allow user pinning set to On. Then, under the Pinned Apps section, click +Add Apps.

Image of instructions for how to set up the Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams.

On the Add pinned apps panel that appears on the right, use the Search textbox to look for Walkie Talkie. When you have it as a search result, select the Add button to the right of the name to add it to your list.

Image of how to add the Walkie Talkie app in Teams as a pinned app.

The Walkie Talkie app should now appear on the Pinned Apps list and be available for use once you click the Save button.

Image of a Microsoft Teams app list with the Walkie Talkie app pinned to the list.

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