Civil society enabling environment (CSEE) project

Empowering women-led civil society organizations in Uganda with skills and knowledge to defend their rights to freedom of expression and access to information
Project Overview:
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) will implement its Freedom of Expression and Right to Access of Information Support Program for women-led civil society organizations (CSOs) in Uganda. WOUGNET will produce an assessment of the legal and regulatory frameworks affecting the operational environment of CSOs with a focus on freedom of expression (FoE) and right to access to information (A2I) and use this in building the capacity of women-led CSOs in Uganda to effectively participate and advocate for FoE and A2I law reforms. WOUGNET will also convene CSOs, media, and other stakeholders to collaborate in addressing restrictions and expanding protection mechanisms available to CSOs for violations of rights to FoE and A2I. Through radio and social media campaigns, WOUGNET will address misinterpretation and misapplication of relevant legal frameworks for FoE and A2I by both government and CSO. The needs assessment and input from the meetings and campaigns will provide information that WOUGNET will use to update its existing Women’s Rights Online Legal Education Guide. The project is in furtherance of the National Enabling Environment Action Plan developed by Ugandan CSOs in July-August 2021 under the Uganda Civil Society Strengthening Activity. The project activities will take place over seven months. Project Duration: April 2022 to September 2022

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