Establishment of a novel technical community in Apac district, Northern Uganda

To foster community involvement and participation in the uptake and utilization of ICTs, while nurturing a comprehensive approach to inclusive internet accessibility in Northern Uganda.
Project Overview:
In the past years, WOUGNET set up the Kubere Information Centre (KIC), in Apac district, Northern Uganda, a multi-dimensional information Centre cultivating innovative solutions through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for sustainable development of the rural communities. Given the various ICT development initiatives established in Apac district, Northern Uganda, by Women Of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), through the Kubere Information Centre (KIC), it becomes imperative to further stimulate the uptake of these initiatives among local communities and promote their long term sustainability. A pivotal strategy to attain this goal involves fostering an inclusive comprehensive community participation, engagement and ownership. Establishing a technical community within the region will create a pathway for heightened adoption and promote long term sustainability of the diverse ICT initiatives set up by WOUGNET, in conjunction with their various ICT development partners. The technical community will offer ICT technical support to the local communities and additionally support the Kubere Information Centre in order to promote community ownership and long-term sustainability of the different ICT development projects. Consequently, this initiative will stimulate broader community engagement with ICTs, nurturing a more inclusive culture of internet utilization and accessibility among the local residents. This will be facilitated by leveraging the diverse internet access points, including those at the Kubere Information Centre and other internet network hotspots in the area.

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