Strengthening Women’s Access to Enhanced Rural Broadband Connectivity in Uganda

To empower local communities through enabled access to rural broadband connectivity for a prosperous and knowledge-based digital economy.
Project Overview:
The Internet has evolved as a booster for the economic, social and technical development of human society. Despite the rapid uptake of the Internet globally, the gender digital divide increased from 11% in 2019 to 18% in 2022. Communities in rural areas especially women and girls lack a sustainable, reliable, just, accessible and affordable broadband connectivity, including the devices that can be used to access the broadband. With a focus on ‘Connectivity for all’, there is a need for enabling policies that address affordability and digital inclusion. Furthermore, connectivity efforts should consider persons with disabilities, women, girls and other low-income groups in the community. With funding support from Association for Progressive Communications (APC), WOUGNET in Partnership with netLabs!UG, a research centre at Makerere University, College of Engineering and Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) is implementing the Rural Voices project titled: “Strengthening Women’s Access to Enhanced Rural Broadband Connectivity in Uganda” . This project will be implemented in Apac District, Northern Uganda. The project will build on WOUGNET’s extensive experience of working on ICT empowerment for women in rural areas in different project sectors such as , agriculture, service delivery, digital security training and women empowerment, among a wide range of ICT development projects. . The project will further support and strengthen community aspects of the current rural broadband community network innovation that has been established in Apac Municipality in partnership with netLabs!UG.. The project shall further strengthen research on telecommunications and networking technologies. The project targets rural schools, health centres, government offices, women led farmer groups, media and the business communities.
2023 – 2024

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