Awareness creation

“Our lives begin to end when we become silent on things that matter; SPEAK UP!” is one of the very many messages that have been shared on our various social media platforms courtesy of the internet data given to us per month! After being assured of this offer from WOUGNET, Warm Hearts Foundation came up with “Men’s Monday” and “Women’s Wednesday” where we create, post, and share specific messages addressed to different focus groups, across our social media platforms. These messages are mainly purposed to empower different categories of people, especially women whose voices need more amplification.  E.g 

Project Sustainability: The data and airtime have helped us as an organization to closely keep in touch with our beneficiaries, such as doing our ongoing project follow-ups. For instance, we have heard about an economic empowerment project where we are supervising over five groups of women involved in knitting baskets and other crafts, the airtime has helped us do the supervision virtually and this has improved the project performance. 


One of the women we are supervising using the airtime

Improving efficiency at work. We at Warm Hearts have never been as efficient as we are now as a result of the airtime and data. Even when one of us is absent from the workstation, we can still connect virtually and get work done, we have held various meetings online, and have shared emails almost daily and this has improved our work output as an organization.  

We are so grateful for the facilitation and we look forward to more as we impact more communities to put end to gender-based violence & child abuse as our main objective.


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