Recognising the unique Challenges faced by Women in Rural Areas: What does it take for Women to Access and Use the Internet in Uganda?

 Caption: Digital Literacy Training by WOUGNET  Even though the gender digital divide has been narrowing across all regions, women remain digitally marginalized in many of the world’s poorest countries, where online access could potentially have its most powerful effect. There are approximately 4.9 billion people online and 2.9 billion offline with the biggest percentage of […]

Transforming Rural Women/Girls’ World For Positive Change Through ICTs

NVIWODA creates resilience in the social and economic empowerment of women/girls at the grassroots/semi-urban areas in Uganda. Rural women in Uganda are poor and their livelihoods depend mostly on agriculture, producing less from farming and this increases their vulnerability to increasing risks of climatic changes. The girls drop out of school due to lack of […]

ICT opportunities for Persons with Disability

It feels very comfortable working with the internet. Disabled women in development, DIWODE has organized a number of community outreaches, but out of a lot of strain. It was not until we got associated with WOUGNET and the Smile Project that we found relief. We must say, we have found a soft landing. DIWODE is […]

The use of technology to effectively monitor NVIWODA’s Projects

Before NVIWODA was associated with WOUGNET, the organization had a challenge of high costs and irregular physical monitoring of its projects. The situation worsened with the outbreak of COVID-19 and with a longtime lockdown, physical monitoring of projects was impossible, as the operation area is in Gomba District in central Uganda, but with the provision […]

Empowered women empower women; the story of Nafula and her daughter

Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT) operates a revolving micro-credit scheme that supports women’s access to credit for startups and improves already existing micro businesses. Each of the 35 women groups comprises a loan committee. This committee is responsible for overseeing the program activities including approving loan applications, monitoring the progress of members’ businesses per individual, […]

Empowering Communities: The Relevance of Digital Literacy and Security

Introduction In an increasingly digital world, the importance of digital literacy and security cannot be overstated. For the community we work in, these skills are not only essential but also transformative. Through our project, we have witnessed firsthand the relevance and impact of digital literacy and security for the community, empowering its members and bridging […]

Empowering Rural Women: How Digital Technologies Strengthened COVID-19 Response in Uganda

Caption: During one of the SMILE projects capacity building meetings Introduction In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, marginalized communities in rural areas of Uganda faced numerous challenges, including limited access to information, healthcare services, and resources. However, a groundbreaking project emerged, aiming to empower women’s rights organizations and enhance their capacity to respond effectively […]

Graphics Design: A better way to brand your organization online/offline

Caption: A flyer used to invite WOUGNET members for a training Graphics design can be identified as the art of projecting ideas and experiences with the aid of visual and textual content. These may be through infographics, flyers, typography, videos, voiceovers, banners, and brochures among others. During the Digital Literacy Training On the 3rd Feb […]

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