Cyber Feminism: Resilience in the Face of Online Backlash and Civic Constrictions

Global progress on gender equality is under threat. We are living in an era where major political and social shifts are resulting in new forces that are visibly pushing back to reverse the many gains made for women’s rights and shrink the civic space. This patriarchal backlash is escalating globally. It aims to ‘other’, demonize […]

Using ICTs for Citizen Engagement with Leaders to Improve Accountability and Transparency in Public Service Delivery in Uganda

Limited inclusive citizenry participation at the grassroots, unchecked bureaucracy corruption tendencies, and information gaps result in inappropriate implementation of national plans and poor service delivery. This deprives people of their right to access public service. However, recognizing and embracing ICT improves the effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery. In partnership with the Swedish International […]

Exploring Policies Affecting Women’s Rights to Freedom of Expression and Access to Information

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)’s X community witnessed a dynamic X Chat on 28th March 2024 where women human rights defenders, journalists, gender activists, feminists and other human rights defenders convened to discuss the crucial issue: “Policies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information that affect women’s rights online.” The panellists including Lorna Nagawa […]

WOUGNET Accountability and Governance Projects implemented from 2011-2020

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) implemented   Projects in Northern Uganda and Eastern Uganda that promoted good governance, transparency, and accountability through the use of ICTs to improve service delivery in communities.  The projects were supported by partners that included the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), Indigo Trust, and the Swedish Program […]

Exploring the impact of Gender-Based Violence: Recommendations for action

Gender-based violence persists as a prominent infringement upon human rights across societies, largely rooted in gender discrimination. While both men and women endure such violence, women and girls constitute the majority of victims. Gender-Based Violence is a form of discrimination and a violation of human rights, encompassing physical, sexual, mental, emotional, and economic harm, along […]

Examining Social Norms and Beliefs About Gender-Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence(GBV) is a violation of human rights that affects one in three women globally, these include intimate partner violence, physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and economic violence. Gender-Based Violence involves power used to control women and girls. Social norms have exacerbated toxic masculinity, leading some men to engage in violence even when they […]

Gendered aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on Data protection for women and girls in Africa

In the ever-evolving digital space, the intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and privacy has become a complex concern, raising questions about the balance between innovation and safeguarding personal information. In 1956, John McCarthy, a young Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Dartmouth College invited a group of people to clarify and develop a machine that thinks […]

Digital Security Training at Kampala International University

According to the United Nations Population Fund, 85% of women report witnessing online violence. Women and girls, particularly those from minority and marginalized communities are most likely to have their images abused online and are often subjected to demeaning non-consensual sexual acts. Forms of online violence include hate speech, sexually violent dialogue, cyberbullying, uploading of […]

Feminists Resilience in Uganda’s Shrinking Civic Space

Gender backlash persists as a significant issue in hindering the gains, achievements, and progress made on gender equality. This backlash encompasses various forms of pushback directed at feminist activists and Human Rights Defenders, including, but not limited to, the use of languages, phrases, and images that objectify women, strict regulation related to gender equality, reproductive […]

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